Vikram Bairathi, Founder of Avior Jewels: Entrepreneurial Journey of Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur

Vikram Bairathi - founder of Avior Jewels

Vikram Bairathi, Founder of Avior Jewels

“When The Going Gets tough – Keep Going!” – Believes this Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur Vikram Bairathi!

Vikram Bairathi , who completed his MSC from University college London, London Batch of 2020 and BA honours BA in Business and Management , University of Exeter, 2019 started his brand ‘Avior Jewels’ in 2020 amidst the Pandemic.

Avior Jewels stems from the 7th generation of SGS Jewellers & Silver Seal who have already set a benchmark in quality gold/diamond and silver jewellery in the city.

Avior is a startup to bring the finest of quality silver jewellery. Gen Z is tired of boring old silver jewellery, recognising this lacuna of fine modern day silver jewellery, the idea of Avior was conceived. Since then, they  have tried our level best with our modernesque 21st century to serve Gen Z.

Talking further about the brand Vikram Says , “We want to build Avior into a brand that millennial customers trust and look up to.

We aim to provide exceptional and remarkable customer service to our potential and existing customers while providing top quality products that are handcrafted to the finest yet are affordable.

Avior Jewels is a startup offering luxurious yet affordable silver jewellery for the Genz. We offer a wide variety of minimalistic and trendy jewellery for both women and men.

Along with our limited edition pieces, we at Avior always go that extra mile for our customers and design pieces are per their requirements at affordable costs.

Equipped with state of art production facilities and a talented team of designers our pieces are uniquely handcrafted at by Artisans of Jaipur.

Since our inception we have believed and supported our local artisans and 75% of our every collection is designed and handcrafted by the artisans of Jaipur”

Vikram voices further talking about his future plans, “In the next five years, we plan to expand our operations overseas and offer minimal jewellery at affordable prices across the globe. 

We aim to partner with local designers of different countries to create jewellery specific to ongoing trends in specific regions.”

Vikram Bairathi is an perfect example of finding Positives in Negatives. A brand that started and was launched during pandemic is also loved and adored by a lot of celebrities in such a short span of time!

Dropping some pearls of advice to young designers and entrepreneurs he says , “To all the young entrepreneurs, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and hard work is the only key to success . Put in your hardwork and eventually it will off someday.”

He further adds his learnings from Pandemic – . “ Easier said than done but this is something that I truly did start believing in, “when the going gets tough – keep going!” & you’ll eventually be in a better place.

With lockdown around the country, it would be difficult to sustain any business. However, India has seen a huge growth in the number of startups in the last 2 years! And its incredible! The overall growth for startups has been remarkable & all this during a pandemic.

Vikram is Indeed a true leader, Instead of curling her sail when the times were tough during the pandemic, He rather pressed further with full sail and went onto starting a fabulous brand of his own!

Kudos and keep growing! Young entrepreneurs like Vikram Bairathi must be supported in more ways than one, cause they deserve the next rung of growth!

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