Vindhya Tandon, Women Entrepreneur & Director of Resa by Ushnakmals

Vindhya Tandon

Stepping into a World of Banarasi Trance! Entrepreneur profile of Vindhya Tandon

Vindhya Tandon, director of Resa by Ushnakmals, blends roles of being a fashion enthusiast, a storyteller and a proud Banarasi entrepreneur all in one!

A passionate individual, she counts her stars that she was born in the Ushnakmals family and prides herself on continuing the legacy in her label Resa.

Vindhya the youngest educated herself through her family business and not fashion academia. She is excited to turn a leaf towards Gen X.

She chuckles that she graduated in commerce never knowing earlier that her interest towards fashion and an innovative spark to showcase the parent brand of Ushnakmals to Gen X retail customers would lead to the development of a new brand called Resa by Ushnakmals.

When asked on what sparked the creation of Resa, Vindhya voices “Ushnakmals is a well heeled brand in the legacy of the Golden era, but the pandemic made us realize that that we must embrace the digital realm of the Gen X generation.

So after a lot of ideation we decided to launch Resa, which embraces the current generation with the warmth of Ushnakmals. “

When asked what the highlights of her venture would be? Vindhya for whom this would be her first venture says “I am excited to take each day as it comes! ‘A brand new day everyday and an opportunity to do better than yesterday!

Resa’s mission is to keep the parent brand where it belongs and ensure it stays there, ‘Resa’ being a continual journey in Swedish.”

Explaining Resa’s business model Vindhya voices “Since we are a young team, we thrive on being competitive and the Ushnakmals badge is something we are proud about.

I can confidently tell you that Ushnakmals is amongst the oldest of designer labels in the country going back to over a century, and our stakeholders also run the same having done business since ages “ 

 When asked how the journey has been till date, she says it’s been with a lot of ups and downs.

On plans for the next year Vindhya says she wants label Resa to be bigger and better and wants to spread out into offline stores in different parts of the country giving them a taste of the products of Ushnakmals.

In our series of Entrepreneur stories, Vindhya’s journey is the first of its kind, though she confesses of at times buckling under the self pressure to live up to the established name of Ushnakmals through her label, a close family and young spirited team gives the motivation to take each day as a brand new day head on!

Born out of Banaras, and always a Banarasi…Vindhya signs out with a SMILE!

Kudos to Vindhya and other entrepreneurs alike, who continue the family legacy thereby setting the foundation stone for future generations to come.   

She is the youngest from her family that is renowned for the label  Ushnakmals, so to give it a designer touch and introduce it to the Gen X generation, she has founded an offshoot young label – Resa by Ushnakmals. Her entrepreneurial journey is unique and our young audience would love reading it.

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