Entrepreneurial Journey of Vishal Raheja, Founder & Managing Director of InvestoXpert

Vishal Raheja - InvestoXpert Founder

Entrepreneurial Journey of Vishal Raheja, Founder & Managing Director of InvestoXpert

Vishal Raheja is the founder & MD of InvestoXpert. He always had a dream of learning and expanding the real estate market. So, in 2016, he started his entrepreneurial journey with InvestoXpert (IX).

He always makes sure to play an instrumental role in team working and making it successful by actively getting involved in setting benchmark practices.

Vishal Raheja completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Amity University. During 2006 to 2011, he started his journey as a Financial Advisor. Before beginning the new venture, he gave quality time to this sector, worked in real estate industry for couple of years before starting IX.

He started IX with a team of just 4 employees in Noida. Recently, IX works with 300+ employees, leading PAN India with 6-branches in metropolitan cities. His wife is an Interior Designer; she is the owner of Livinterio. The couple have two kids.

Starting from scratch, IX has reached heights as a real estate advisory organization. It offers custom-tailored solutions to all property seekers.

He is having an idea throughout the journey to just give a one-stop solution to all the property needs in real estate.

In 2016, with the help of all cooperative people and friends, he named this idea as InvestoXpert. They started it with the hope and belief to redefine the reality sector and to meet all the needs of the customers.

With the rigorous hardworking of our employees, our services have gone far. Believing in the idea of improving every day, they are moving forward every day with the same hope and belief.

Taking this idea ahead, they are determined to hire new 350+ employees to our family by the end of this financial year on the PAN India level.

Their brand does not only focus on the sale of the property but rather works on building loyalty with every sale.

Collaborating with high-end developers of the industry who successfully deliver possession on time, and own a great legacy, they offer the best after-sale services in the industry to regain the lost trust of buyers in the realty sector.

In addition, they believe in giving end-to-end services. As of Raheja, real estate is a never-ending sector for sure.

There will always be a need for a home to live in and a space to work. Hence, they love to provide hassle-free solutions to our customers for the same. Therefore, looking at the scope of property for made this idea flourish.

His only mission was to take the real estate market to heights where people can find a one-stop solution for all their property needs from a single window.

Till date, they are giving customer-centric solutions and improving ourselves for future challenges. Become a top leading real estate advisor in the country providing trouble-free services to its customers.

They have more than 300 employees in their organization and are planning to take it to 350 employees by the end of the next financial on the PAN India Level.

The company’s goal is to fulfil the dreams of buyers by offering the best options in real estate & to make IX a recognizable brand.

They want to set benchmarks with success so that others look up to us and get inspired. They are contributing to society by hiring a good amount of employees.

The journey of InvestoXpert’s growth and success that you see today was not easy. There were multiple ventures before the foundation of IX, which were not able to meet up to his expectations and thus, he takes them all as the stepping stones to the success of IX.

Learnings have always been a part of their beautiful journey and they still are. IX’s growth and future are all based upon the leanings taken from the past and used wisely in future.

After gaining knowledge and understanding of the ecosystem and the needs of buyers, it was time to be an advisor now.

Key things to consider before starting a startup…

  • Research is the key
  • Make a plan
  • Calculate everything from the scratch
  • Have an aim/vision
  • Get, set and go.

Raheja also made some mistakes during his journey. They had issues in past, like working with brands which weren’t customer-centric, leading to trust issues amongst the customers.

Hence, they only deal with listed and RERA-approved developers for the best customer experience. Vishal Raheja the success tips for young & aspiring entrepreneurs is, every field is great but hard work can’t be spared anywhere, hence it’s the key to the achievement of the goals set for you.

Commitment towards work helps them in succeeding to whatever we aspire for; have an aim and follow it until it is achieved without fearing failure.

Website: https://www.investoxpert.com

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