Interview: Mr. Vivek Kohli, Founder of Baby Joy IVF, a leading fertility clinic

Vivek Kohli

Interview with Mr. Vivek Kohli, Founder of Baby Joy IVF

Mr. Vivek Kohli is a renowned figure in the field of assisted reproductive technology, particularly in the domain of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

He is the esteemed founder of Baby Joy IVF, a leading fertility clinic dedicated to helping couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.

With a passion for reproductive medicine and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling with infertility, Mr. Kohli embarked on a remarkable journey.

He recognized the emotional and physical challenges faced by individuals and couples dealing with fertility issues, and he set out to establish a center that would provide cutting-edge treatments with a compassionate approach.

Under Mr. Kohli’s leadership, Baby Joy IVF has flourished as a trusted institution, offering a comprehensive range of fertility services.

The clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities, advanced laboratory technologies, and a highly skilled medical team comprising experienced doctors, embryologists, and support staff.

Tell us a little about yourself

Vivek Kohli: I was born and raised in New Delhi, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Following that, I obtained double master’s degrees in M Pharma from DIPSAR and an MBA from Delhi University.

After completing my education, I started my career in the Pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, in 2003, I co-founded Wyzax Laboratories, followed by Wyzax Medical Tourism. All of these experiences led me to create Baby Joy IVF, which we launched in 2014.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Vivek Kohli: My name is Vivek Kohli Founder of Baby Joy IVF & Fertility Solutions, I am a healthcare entrepreneur building India’s most affordable IVF solutions.

  • IVF,In Vitro Fertilisation, or Test tube baby treatment is today giving happiness to millions of childless couples in India and across the world.
  • My story goes from being a struggling model to a struggling entrepreneur to today heading one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies.
  • We are the fastest-growing IVF chain in India, disrupting the IVF sector by making it affordable to poor and middle-class people.
  • 19 IVF babies are born every week from 5 continents
  • Highest success rate of 71% in IVF industry
  • Awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 by Indian Achievers Awards.

It’s an inspirational story where success & failures have gone hand in hand. The success at Baby Joy IVF WAS the outcome of years of struggle, hardwork & failures in the journey before that.

It is the story of resilience, perseverance and passion.. I believe it’s a story that will resonate with anyone who wants to bring about a change, and will inspire them to never give up and keep dreaming.

Can you provide an overview of Baby Joy IVF and its mission in the field of fertility treatment?

Vivek Kohli: The company was set up in 2014 by its co-founders Vivek Kohli & Jagatjeet Singh, with the primary objective to provide Highest Success in IVF at Lowest Cost.

Despite being a boot-strapped venture, it fought all odds in a domain that was dominated by heavily funded brands and highly renowed doctors.

In the last 6-6 years the compant has shown unprecedented growth and fought outside industry challenges like COvid, taxation changes, changes in laws and most recently, the ART bill.

Today Baby Joy can proudly claim to be the fastest growing chain of IVF centres in Norther India . Baby Joy has shown a CAGR of 60% over the last 5 years, which is about 4 times the industry CAGR.

The company has shown a growth of 70% over the last financial year, despite Covid.  In the last 2 years the company has grown from 2 to 6 centres and from 30 employees to 100 employees.

This is despite Covid related challenges. The company has a healthy positive cash flow. The break even point of most of centres is achieved between 4 and 8 months, depending upon whether its hub or satellite.

The company works on a unique hub and spoke model which makes it asset light. The company has unprecedented conversion rates in industry.

Baby Joy IVF also has significantly low cost/ lead and cost/ acquisition as per industry standards. At the same time Baby Joy can boast of highest success rates nation-wide. The company plans to expand to Northern India, followed by pan- India, in the near future.

What sets Baby Joy IVF apart from other fertility centers in terms of services, technology, and success rates?

Vivek Kohli:. Baby Joy IVF offers Highest Success rates at Lowest Cost. Every 2 out of 3 couples go back positive in the 1st attempt.

Baby Joy also offers highly advanced services to match with the best in the world. In addition the company invests heavily in automations to reduce human error and in AI and machine learning, to enhance success rates through better evaluation and decision making.

The company offers Highest IVF Success at Lowest Cost. Every 2 out of 3 couples who come for treatment at Baby Joy are positive in the 1st attempt.

How does Baby Joy IVF approach the initial consultation process for couples seeking fertility treatment? What can patients expect during their first visit?

Vivek Kohli: We have a consulting team of specialists that provide patients with comprehensive information regarding fertility treatment.

Our experts are always available to assist couples who are looking for a child. Furthermore, at Baby Joy, IVF cycles are performed individually rather than in batches, resulting in higher success rates. Couples can avail our free consultancy anytime to clear all their doubts about the treatment.

Additionally, couples who are visiting our center for the first time will learn about all aspects of therapy, including checkups, treatment, and USGs.

Moreover, patients will be provided with Individualized care with Compassion, Accountability & Transparency (CAT).

Could you explain the various fertility treatment options offered at Baby Joy IVF, including IVF, IUI, and donor programs? How do you determine the most suitable treatment plan for each individual or couple?

Vivek Kohli: The company offers entire bouquet of Fertility related treatments and services under 1 roof  These include IVF, IUI, Fertility enhancing surgeries ( hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, etc), Fertility related treatments ( hormonal, PCOD, endometriosis, etc).

Baby Joy also offers highly advances services to match with the best in the world, like ICSI, Microfluidics, Blastocyst transfer, Vitrification, Embryo glue, FET and Donor programmes.

The treatment is highly standardized, yet customized for each couple, depending upon their specific needs

What kind of diagnostic tests and evaluations are conducted at Baby Joy IVF to assess the fertility potential of patients? How do you ensure accurate and comprehensive diagnoses?

Vivek Kohli: We have in house diagnostic labs. We do viral markers, in addition to Fertility related tests for both men and women.

In addition some Male diagnostic tests, semen analysis, initial ultrasound & consultation, are all done free of cost as part of initial counselling and check up. We follow international protocols for all diagnostic tests

How does Baby Joy IVF address the emotional and psychological aspects of infertility, providing support and counseling to patients throughout their treatment journey?

Vivek Kohli: We recognise the emotional and psychological challenges that individuals and couples face when dealing with infertility.

To address these aspects and provide support throughout the IVF treatment process, we employ various strategies such as our team of experienced and compassionate professionals, including fertility specialists, counselors, and psychologists, who understand the unique emotional journey of infertility.

Our experts offer individual counseling sessions to help patients cope with the psychological impact, such as stress, anxiety, and depression

Furthermore, we often provide educational resources, including workshops and seminars, to help patients understand the treatment process, manage expectations, and develop coping strategies.

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur?

Vivek Kohli: I along with my friend for 30 yeards and my Co-founder Jagatjeet , always wanted to create something new. We had a strong inclination to innovate and do things differently.

We strived in using innovation to disrupt he field and set up some distinct advantages for our cutomers in all our ventures.

With Baby Joy IVF we had a strong inclination to make the process answerable and affordable. Principles of creativity, frugal innovation and creating distinct advantages for the consumer have always been our guiding light and it gives us immense pleasure to be able to achieve some of these through our entrepreneurial journey.

Could you shed some light on the technologies and advanced procedures utilized

Vivek Kohli: We use ICSI,  LASER HATCHING, MICROFLUIDICS, ri check and identification systems, AI BASED EMBRYO SELECTION, Blastocyst transfer, etc as part of our advanced techniques.

How does Baby Joy IVF prioritize patient safety and quality care? What measures are in place to maintain high standards in terms of cleanliness, infection control, and overall patient well-being?

Vivek Kohli: At Baby Joy, we ensure our patients safety as our first priority. We maintain aseptic conditions in OT. We match internationally accepted clean room environment in embryology lab.

We keep every ward clean. In addition, frequent cleaning sessions are held in patients’ rooms to maintain cleanliness.

Furthermore, we have adopted world class safety measures to ensure patients’ well-being. Moreover, we also follow the government’s latest guidelines specified in The Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Act, 2021 and The Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021. 

What are the financial considerations and options available to patients at Baby Joy IVF? Are there any insurance coverage or financing programs to assist with the costs of treatment?

Vivek Kohli:We have made IVF highly affordable to middle class. We have special discounts for specific strata of society.

We also offer 0 % interest emi options. Our main aim is to break the socio-economic divide and make IVF AFFORDABLE for all.

What advice or message would you like to share with individuals or couples who are considering fertility treatment and are seeking the services of Baby Joy IVF?

Vivek Kohli: If a couple does not manage to conceive naturally after 1 year of unprotected sex post marriage, then they should approach a Fertility centre. Success rates in fertility treatments and IVF ARE MUCH HIGHER AT A YOUNGER AGE.

Intending parents should make sure that they select a credible IVF CENTRE. They shoul evaluate the centr’s feedbacks and social ratings.

They should visit the IVF CENTRE TO SEE THAT THEY LIKE IT. Intending parents should also be prepared with the finances required for IVF.

They should lead a healthy lifestyle before and after IVF. Lastly, they should keep themselves happy and stress free.

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