Interview: Vivek Mittal, Co-Founder and Director of Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd

Vivek Mittal

Interview with Vivek Mittal, Co-Founder and Director of Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd

Vivek Mittal is a Co-Founder and Director of Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd. Vivek has done his Masters in Computer Science with Machine Learning specialization from BITS Pilani and has 2 decades of industry experience.

Before starting Yugasa in 2015, Vivek has worked in various multinational companies in different geographies of the world.

He has an extensive experience of taking projects and products from idea stage to deployment stage at scale.

Vivek has traveled to 12 countries for work and spearheaded the development of YugasaBot in 2019 as a flagship product of Yugasa Software Labs.

YugasaBot is a conversational AI SaaS platform focused on the HealthCare domain. Vivek is younger out of the two siblings and attributes a lot of his learning temperament to the scholarly family environment from the very beginning.

Could you provide us with an overview of the company’s journey and the role you play in its development?

Vivek Mittal: Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd was started in 2015 and it has two co-founders. Vivek is one of the co-founder with technical background and Ashish, the other founder of Yugasa comes with techno-managerial background.

The company started with a handful of highly experienced team and grew at an angle of 90 degree upwards in the last 7.5 years.

Yugasa’s appetite for innovation and research has led us to file 4 patents so far. Today the team is around 75 people in India.

In 2019, Yugasa also started its AI product wing: YugasaBot. It is a SaaS platform which uses Generative AI to deliver value to businesses using it.

Over this journey of 7.5 years Yugasa got recognized and awarded by various agencies of repute around the globe.

Recently in June 2023, a report by Google, Bain & Co. and Temasek, mentioned Yugasa Bot as one of the companies leading the next Digital Decade of India.

Yugasa has done business in 28 countries and in early 2023, Yugasa incorporated its first offshore center in the US with the name Yugasa Software LLC.

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Vivek Mittal: Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd has two wings: The Services wing and The Product wing. In the services wing, we do custom software development including mobile apps, web apps and enterprise applications.

In the product wing, we have a conversational AI SaaS platform, YugasaBot, to train and deploy virtual assistants for automating business communications.

The platform uses the power of Generative AI to bring close to human communication experience on digital touch points like WhatsApp, Website, FB Messenger, Mobile App etc.

These bots can talk in 100+ languages 24X7, and are helping businesses in creating virtual receptions for their customers.

What motivated you to focus on this particular area, and what sets your chatbot solutions apart from others in the market?

Vivek Mittal: Digitization during covid has brought a lot of businesses online and a lot of new users online. With such a huge traffic on digital channels, every business today needs automation in their communication strategies.

We at Yugasa Bot are enabling that and we have done a lot of ‘industry first’ revolutionary implementations.

Recently in June 2023, a report by Google, Bain & Co. and Temasek, mentioned Yugasa Bot as one of the companies leading the next Digital Decade of India.

We have also been awarded as the best AI Chatbot in HealthCare. We filed 4 patents for YugasaBot for some of our research in the field.

Yugasa Bot is utilizing generative AI and is able to bring value for our customers at every stage of their conversational AI journey.

Chatbots have gained significant popularity in recent years. How do you ensure that your chatbot solutions are innovative, user-friendly, and capable of meeting diverse business requirements?

Vivek Mittal: We are a tech heavy company and we invest significantly in research and development. One part of our team keeps on working in optimizing the solutions for our customers and bringing more value for customers of our clients.

We have created a wealth of pre-trained models and ready to plug and play modules to reduce the bring up time to nearly half of the industry standards.

The seamless integration capabilities of our platform makes it very suitable for complex and scalable automations. 

In your opinion, what are the key factors that contribute to a successful chatbot implementation?

Vivek Mittal: For a successful chatbot implementation, it is very important for the solution to be scalable and agile enough to cater to a variety of use-cases.

It should leverage the latest technologies and should be able to hold context aware conversations. Integrations with the existing software infrastructure of the client is a must.

Requirement from the client side is to be very clear about the exact use-case. The client should be able to provide required integration APIs and hooks for the bot to communicate with their systems, if that is a use-case.

How do you approach the design, development, and deployment of chatbots to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction?

Vivek Mittal: We believe that training an intelligent bot is somewhat similar to training a child. A close monitoring and due diligence is needed to make the bot intelligent for a business.

To begin the engagement, we give an overview of our platform to the client by demonstrating the features and capabilities of our platform.

This opens up the client to think about what automations are possible with the help of Yugasa Bot. Then we have two or three interactions with the client to crystalize on the exact use case.

This is very important for a steady development. After that developing most of the use cases is like a breeze with our platform.

An engine of our platform has capability of even writing code for itself for client specific use cases. We generate a test link for the client to regularly keep on testing the performance of the bot, before making it live.

Once the client satisfaction is achieved with the intelligence and flows developed in the bot, it is made live on different platforms for the client.

After going live, platform has the capability to give live stats and analytics of real time usage. Clients can monitor that and with the help of easy to use no-code tools in the platform, fine tune and make the bot more intelligent.

As the technology behind chatbots continues to evolve, what emerging trends do you foresee in the chatbot development landscape? How does Yugasa Software Labs stay updated with these trends and incorporate them into your solutions?

Vivek Mittal: We have a dedicated Research Team to keep an eye on the latest trends and develop our own innovative technologies to be ‘industry first’.

We definitely see bots taking over the first point of contact communication for almost all the businesses.

In many businesses, the bots can even handle the complete conversation till providing a satisfactory resolution of the query or issue or concern.

What are your long-term goals and vision for Yugasa Software Labs in the field of chatbot development?

Vivek Mittal: Our long-term goal is to automate front desk and support related communications for the complete Healthcare industry in the world.

We do not plan/intend to enter into ‘clinical suggestions’ giving bot. Our bots will assist healthcare professionals in managing their tasks better, so that they can focus on delivering the best class healthcare to people.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs should remain focused and listen to customer feedback.

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