Entrepreneurial Journey of Vivek Singh: CEO & Co-Founder of Anveya Living, Pure Natural & Organic Beauty Brand

Vivek Sing CEO, Co-Founder, Anveya Living

Entrepreneurial Journey of Vivek Singh: CEO & Co-Founder of Anveya Living, Pure Natural & Organic Beauty Brand

Vivek founded Anveya Living with Saurav Patnaik in the year 2018 with the vision of creating exemplary beauty & personal care brands that not only compete with international bestsellers but also surpass them in terms of both quality and innovation.

Vivek’s sharp business acumen and extensive understanding of consumers has led Anveya to launch 3 stellar brands.

Each of these brands targets an unmet consumer need so effectively that they have been flooded with love from their consumers.

Vivek is determined to give Indian consumers a taste of best-in-class products, that have been proudly made in India and are raising the bar for beauty and personal care.

Vivek has over 15 years of experience in leading and driving growth in various consumer internet businesses.

As Senior Vice President – Marketing, Vivek was a core part of building FirstCry – the country’s leading baby & kids brand.

He has also held marketing and business responsibilities for Hindustan Times Group’s internet businesses.

During his stint with FirstCry he spearheaded marketing, partnerships and alliances. With lateral and innovative thinking, he was able to build FirstCry from its early days to a company that has an omnipresence in the baby and kids ecosystem.

Vivek is a graduate of IIT (BHU) Varanasi and a post-graduate from IIM Lucknow. In his leisure time, Vivek enjoys art, sketching and painting as well as studying the evolution of the human mind.

An affable and enthusiastic person, he loves to try a variety of cuisines from around the globe. He is also the protagonist of a book, Dare Eat That (Penguin Random House India), which chronicles his attempts to experiment with unique cuisines from around the world.

He is a self-driven, motivated entrepreneur with a proven record of success and building consumer businesses and brands from scratch.

Anveya Living: Pure Natural & Organic Beauty Brand

Anveya Living was founded by Vivek Singh and Saurav Patnaik in 2018, with the vision to significantly improve self-care for Indian beauty and personal care consumers.

With its deep consumer empathy, an insights-based approach, and research-led execution, the company is bringing to the foray innovative world-class products for uncatered to consumer segments and consumer needs in the country.

Multiple disruptive brands and cutting-edge product lines under Anveya Living’s umbrella are creating a positive impact for the people, the planet and the beauty industry.

Through its research, the company combines the power of nature with world-class innovations in beauty-science.

The first brand, Anveya, is made to bring the joy back to beauty. With a strong belief that the process should be just as wonderful as the result, Anveya products are especially formulated to  deliver delightful experiences, in addition to effective products.

With indulgent textures, awe-inspiring colours and fragrances, and mesmerizing packaging, Anveya products create moments of beauty for their customers.

Anveya Living’s second brand ThriveCo was launched to bring superlative results to the cause-based hair and skin care space.

Its performance-driven products made with next-generation ingredients and deep beauty-tech, relentlessly work to solve consumers’ hair and skin issues that arise with age and external and internal stress factors.

The company’s imminent launch – Curlvana – is set to give expression to the curly hair population of the country, a community whose requirements have gone largely unmet and suppressed by traditional market and established brands.

The organization will continue to strive on this journey and bring the best of products for the people and the planet, and push the level of output from the Indian beauty and personal care industry.

Anveya thrives on individuals who share our vision, are creative, smart and diligent. Anveya was born to make people happier, to be in harmony with themselves and their environment, and continues to work with that vision.

Anveya Living is a startup in the personal care industry. Recently they received Rs.8cr funding from Rukum Capital.

They are expanding their presence in the D2C industry and different segments.

Earlier they were into personal care products for women, later they entered into the Men’s grooming industry and recently they added another segment haircare products for curly hair- Curlvana.

Curlvana brand aims to bridge the gap and create a market for the hitherto – suppressed and ignored curly – haired community.

This provides comprehensive and simplified solutions for curly hair, a segment ignored by the markets so far.

It strives to be one of the most liberating brands, providing all-weather, long-lasting care for curly-haired people across the country. Anveya believes in giving an end to end solution for every hair care or skin care problem there is.

Check out their journey and beautiful offerings on www.anveya.com www.thriveco.in and www.curlvana.in

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