V.L.A. Ambala, SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Stock Market Today (SMT)

V.L.A. Ambala

Interview with V.L.A. Ambala, SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Stock Market Today (SMT)

V.L.A. Ambala is a prominent name in the world of stock market analysis and research. As a (Securities and Exchange Board of India) SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Ambala brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Their association with Stock Market Today (SMT) has further solidified their reputation as a trusted and reliable source for investment insights and recommendations.

As a SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Ambala adheres to strict ethical guidelines and regulatory standards, ensuring that their recommendations are based on sound research principles and objective analysis. This commitment to integrity and transparency has earned them the trust and respect of their clients and peers.

V.L.A. Ambala’s expertise spans across various aspects of the stock market, including equity research, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and portfolio management.

They possess a deep understanding of market dynamics, economic factors, and industry trends, enabling them to identify potential investment opportunities and offer well-informed recommendations to their clients.

Can you provide more information about the founding story of Stock Market Today (SMT) and what motivated Ms. Vijay Laxmi A. Ambala and Mr. Ashish N. Ambala to start this stock market research and mentorship platform?

V.L.A. Ambala: In 2018, both Ms. Vijay Laxmi A. Ambala and Mr. Ashish N. Ambala shared common goals and visions. Although they already had a successful business, they desired to do something different that could create employment opportunities and directly help families improve their livelihoods.

They firmly believed in the saying, “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” This belief led them to recognize the transformative power of education and skills in society. They started exploring possibilities in this field.

Alongside their existing businesses, they established a small coaching center at their home where they provided education to underprivileged children at minimal fees.

However, they realized that their reach was limited, yet they persisted in their efforts. In 2019-20, they decided to share their knowledge and teachings on YouTube, realizing that many people could benefit from their expertise.

Coming from a finance background, their interest aligned with the stock market, particularly in price action, technical training, and psychology.

They discovered their passion in this field and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their knowledge and practical skills, as it was a highly sought-after skill set.

Their work resonated with thousands of individuals, and many of their price action learning videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

People began reaching out to them, requesting their views on various stocks. In order to continue providing guidance, they applied for a SEBI license to operate as a SEBI registered Research Analyst, which was approved.

Today, in addition to offering trading recommendations for intraday, short-term, and midterm trades, they also provide mentoring on trading strategies, logical reasoning behind trades, trade management, risk management, and psychological aspects of trading.

What sets SMT apart from other stock market research and mentorship platforms in the market?

V.L.A. Ambala: One of the key differentiating factors of SMT is their commitment to setting the right expectations. They emphasize that trading and investment are distinct entities.

Trading, similar to any other business, requires a disciplined approach and should not be equated to gambling or a casino. SMT aims to help its members overcome this misconception and instill the right mindset.

The role of psychology in trading is crucial, and their mentorship program focuses on improving this aspect. Moreover, while members are in the learning phase of their trading careers, SMT provides intraday trading recommendations that enable them to earn money while developing their skills.

This approach aligns with the quote, “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime,” as SMT not only imparts knowledge but also provides trades to sustain and support their members during the learning phase.

As a SEBI registered research analyst, SMT understands the responsibilities and roles they have in the market.

They strive to do their best, and their dedication, combined with the support they receive, contributes to their success.

Can you provide an overview of the mentorship program offered by SMT? What are the key features and benefits that participants can expect?

V.L.A. Ambala: SMT’s mentorship program provides research on F&O trades based on technical analysis and overall price actions.

Participants receive live support through voice calls and direct messages while their trades are active. This level of support is valuable as traders often experience a range of emotions, such as fear of loss, greed for more gains, or overconfidence in their analysis.

Having someone guide them through crucial price levels, informing them of what actions to take and why, as well as what to avoid and why, is immensely helpful.

The mentorship program not only imparts knowledge but also provides real-time assistance, enabling participants to make informed decisions while managing risk and positions.

Each trade recommendation is accompanied by a detailed video or voice explanation covering the trade logic, setup, and price psychology.

In what ways does SMT support and guide its participants in their stock market trading journey? How is live training support incorporated into the mentorship program?

V.L.A. Ambala: SMT understands that trading encompasses more than just mathematical calculations. It involves art, psychology, and science, directly influencing emotions due to the involvement of money.

Controlling emotions cannot be achieved solely by reading books; it requires experiencing and learning how to manage them.

Over time, with practice, these skills become ingrained in one’s habits. Good habits, such as avoiding overtrading and focusing on high-quality trades, help traders succeed.

SMT’s mentorship program provides members with high-quality trading recommendations and teaches them how to manage trades effectively while adopting a protective approach.

By following rules and guidelines, traders can develop good trading habits. SMT emphasizes trading less, with a maximum of 1-2 trades per day and ensures that every recommendation is accompanied by the reasoning behind it, entry and exit points, and dedicated videos or voice explanations elucidating the trade logic, setup, and price psychology.

How does SMT keep up with the rapidly changing trends and dynamics of the stock market to ensure the mentorship program remains relevant and effective?

V.L.A. Ambala: SMT constantly updates its mentorship program by providing members with advanced trading strategies as new trends and market dynamics emerge.

They stay informed about the latest developments in the market and incorporate any valuable additions that can benefit their members.

Can you discuss the role of technical analysis, trend analysis, and price sentiment in SMT’s trading strategies? How are these factors integrated into the mentorship program?

V.L.A. Ambala: Technical analysis, trend analysis, and price sentiment are essential components of SMT’s trading strategies. They form the foundation of their trades.

These factors are integrated into the mentorship program by providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the trade rationale, including the reasoning behind the trade, how to react if the trade goes against their analysis, risk management techniques, and position management.

SMT ensures that participants grasp the significance of technical analysis, trend analysis, and price sentiment, making their trading strategies easily understandable.

Testimonies from members indicate that after joining the SMT mentorship program, they feel more confident in their trading abilities and can effectively interpret price movements.

Are there any plans for SMT to expand its services or introduce new offerings in the future?

V.L.A. Ambala: Yes, SMT plans to introduce basic to advanced courses and provide commodities analysis. They are also exploring opportunities to leverage AI technology to enhance the usefulness of their mentorship program for members. With numerous plans in progress, SMT is constantly striving to improve and expand its services.

What are the key challenges faced by SMT in providing stock market research and mentorship services, and how are they overcome?

V.L.A. Ambala: One of the key challenges is the responsibility associated with providing accurate research recommendations.

SMT recognizes the importance of thorough research, which requires a significant investment of time, hard work, and proper study.

They consider it their moral duty to assist their members in their trading careers, even though they receive minimal fees.

As per SEBI guidelines, Research Analysts cannot invest in the stocks they recommend for a specific period, ensuring the protection of investors’ interests.

Consequently, SMT sometimes misses out on potentially lucrative opportunities as they prioritize the benefits of their trusting members over their own interests.

They are determined to reach their mission of empowering at least 100 million families (at least one person per family) by educating them about the right approach to trading.

Additionally, they aim to help individuals who have struggled with their trading mindset and guide them toward success.

Finally, what are the long-term goals and vision of SMT in terms of empowering individuals in their stock market trading journey and expanding its reach in the market?

V.L.A. Ambala: SMT’s ultimate goal is to bring smiles to people’s faces. By enabling individuals to become self-reliant and skilled traders, SMT believes it is sowing the seeds of happiness in their lives.

Skilled traders have a higher likelihood of achieving financial freedom compared to those without the necessary skills.

With a mission to reach at least 100 million families (at least one person per family) and educate them about the right approach to trading, SMT aims to rewire the trading mindset of individuals who have yet to find success in the stock market.

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