Voice Search Optimization: A Comprehensive Guide by SEO Expert Kunal Dabi


As an SEO agency head and consultant with over 5 years of experience, I, Kunal, have observed a significant shift in the digital marketing landscape: the rise of voice search.

More users than ever are using speech-activated virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, making voice search optimisation an essential tool for businesses striving to remain on the top page of Google searches.

In this context, it becomes pivotal to gain expertise from a reliable source. That’s why I am here as your voice SEO expert in India to guide you through the transformation.

In the upcoming years, particularly in 2023, companies need to adapt their strategies to leverage this new tool effectively.

Given that half of all searches are currently being conducted using voice search and that analysts predict it will significantly impact digital marketing, it’s crucial for companies to understand the nuances of this tool. 

What is Voice Search Optimisation?

The practice of optimising your webpages to appear in voice search results is known as voice search optimisation. It takes into account how individuals search verbally, and through optimisation, allows voice search devices to read your pages aloud effectively. 

What is The Future Of Voice Search Optimization?

As an SEO consultant, I’ve seen voice search become increasingly adopted by businesses across industries.

They see its potential to attract large numbers of website visitors and thus regard it as a key component of their SEO strategies.

This adoption is driven in part by the fact that voice searches often consist of short sentence patterns featuring widely used SEO terms.

According to a recent survey, 70% of individuals prefer to use voice search optimisation tools when surfing the internet.

Furthermore, the financial impact of voice search cannot be overlooked – shopping via voice search is projected to increase by nearly $40 billion over the next two years. These facts underscore the need for businesses to understand and leverage this technology. 

How is Voice Search Optimization Going to Affect Seo?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has always been a critical factor in determining Google rankings. The introduction of voice search technologies, however, is radically altering the SEO landscape.

Voice searches differ significantly from traditional typed queries. People don’t speak the way they type. This implies that your SEO strategy needs to accommodate voice search queries that are typically framed as more conversational questions. 

Benefits of Voice Search Optimisation And Voice-Activated Assistants

Digital marketers can benefit from voice search optimisation and voice-activated assistants in several ways, including:

Traffic and visibility improvements: Voice search optimisation can increase the traffic and visibility of your website.

More pleasing user experience: An improved user experience Voice-activated assistants offer a more streamlined and practical user experience, enhancing client loyalty and happiness.

Enhanced accessibility: Voice-activated assistants make information and services more accessible to those with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Competitive advantage: You may set yourself apart from rivals and increase market share by optimising voice search and offering voice-activated assistant features. 

How To Optimise Voice Search For Websites Using Seo?

In my SEO agency, we emphasise focusing SEO on the fundamental phrases a user would utilise, to improve a website’s ranking.

These phrases should be straightforward and concise as users typically engage with voice search programs in a direct manner.

For example, if users are looking for organisations known for digital marketing, they might ask, “Who is the voice search SEO expert in India?” or “What are the best digital marketing companies near me?”

As a result, websites that incorporate such terms in their SEO strategy are more likely to be targeted by voice search and appear in search results. 


The future of SEO is voice search optimisation and voice-activated assistants. By optimising your website’s content for voice search and incorporating voice-activated assistant features, you can increase your site’s visibility, improve your traffic, and enhance user experience.

As mobile devices become more advanced and the popularity of voice search grows, it’s essential for your website to be voice search optimised to stay current with this evolving technology.

As a seasoned SEO consultant, my goal is to help businesses grow their organic traffic and navigate these changes effectively.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to adapt your SEO strategy to the era of voice search, feel free to reach out.

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