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Volopay, A fully integrated suite of financial tools

Helping businesses realize their full potential is what we’re always going to be about at Volopay – now we just have better resources to do it.

Recognizing a problem is a lot easier than it looks. The situation speaks for itself.

Fun anecdote: one of our employees was a young child when she realized that there was a problem with how corporates managed their money – and most importantly, their employees’ money. Hard to believe right? It was actually straightforward.

She grew up saving receipts after watching her mom save them. It was a habit because she was always her mother’s Plus One on corporate trips, so she assumed it was something everyone has to do.

If only her mother had just been given a corporate card – can you imagine how different her youth and her travel experience could’ve been?

No stuffed drawers of faded paper, no dedicated travel pouches for every tea or coffee sipped. We wish we were talking about a time before computers, but this was as recent as 2017.

“It’s a weird lesson to learn at a young age,” she shares. “Watching your parents, who you view as upper management professionals, collecting paper because one lost sheet can mean a loss of thousands of dollars.”

We had the exact same epiphany. One long trip to Singapore was all it took to finally throw in the hat and decide that reimbursements were not cutting it.

Paperwork, invoices, receipts, endless wait for getting paid back  – far too much of a hassle on employees, and pain to account for.

From there, leaping to the conclusion that businesses have fundamentally broken finance operations was a justified move.

It was a conclusion that had verifiable, visible proof. This wasn’t far-fetched, it wasn’t a manufactured problem.

Companies all over the world were juggling half-baked SaaS solutions, had little to no digitization or automation, and there was a dearth of affordable all-rounded platforms.

Suddenly, it became abundantly clear that finance is not one of those areas of a business where “don’t fix what hasn’t broken” works.

Rather, there is very much a need to constantly be improving these systems and bringing them up to speed with technological advancements, so that there’s a lesser manual burden on employees and greater potential for scaling.

But hold that thought. Where did Volopay start, and what do we try and address?

It’s pretty simple, actually – and we try to make it as simple for you, too. Volopay is an all-in-one expense management and solutions platform. If you think that’s vague, then you’re wrong. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

We’ve engineered a single platform, a single spot to take care of all your corporate finances. In 2022, that’s not too good to be true. It’s a finetuned amalgamation of AI, technology, and millions of global cases on user experiences.

Reimbursements, corporate cards, a credit line, virtual cards, accounting integrations, corporate travel – you name it, and we have a solution for it in the same spot.

No need to be paying fees for a different software, trying to make them work together seamlessly. Rather, we work in tandem on the same platform, which is accessible by everyone for manageable, transparent, and automated finance management.

And it’s a solution that works. We launched with an ambitious dream. Perhaps not quite ambitious in its goals, but certainly ambitious in its disruptive approach. But the goals proved to be very achievable.

Since the beginning, Volopay has acquired hundreds of clients in Singapore, and Australia, and is now launching in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Many of our clients have the same thing to say. They came for one solution but ended up staying for the plethora of other product offerings that allowed them to automate other areas of their finance.

Came for corporate cards, and stayed for accounting integrations. Came for reimbursements, and stayed for virtual cards.

Came for a cheaper software, and stayed for the dedicated customer service. There’s a pocket for every person’s penny.

What’s the recipe? How did we make it happen?

That’s an answer simpler than the one on recognizing problems and finding solutions. We were able to do all of this because of the passion every team member has.

It’s not just a passion for our mission, though. Rather, it’s the vision and the sheer love for what we do. Our writers’ romance is with storytelling, and they get to do it with one of the coolest products on the market.

Our product team adores innovation and makes improvements and important decisions on how to make our offerings better.

Our tech team has an affair with their den and churning code – and that’s how we adapt and throw out updates quicker than the speed of light.

Once a small, passionate group of 20 people, our team has now expanded into 150+ dedicated professionals across the globe. It’s more than just a payment platform connecting them.

It’s the genuine belief that budding businesses need to allow aspects like finance to be automated in order to focus on productivity, ideation, development, and market reach.

No business ever took off to the skies from wasting time balancing spreadsheets all day long. Each and every person on the team knows how their lives could’ve transformed if a product like Volopay had been provided to them before.

The founding members are not alone in this. Many other employees of Volopay have such personal stories that have fueled their passion for contributing to a project that helps millions of others avoid the same hurdle.

Most importantly, perhaps, it is the work culture of the Volopay team that has made it possible to create what we have.

A combination of big dreams and wide eyes; a unique sense of humor, an open mind to correct mistakes; a humane approach to networking, and emotional intelligence to solve problems. And, of course, (tons and tons) of blood, sweat, and tears!

We’re not alone – others believe in our vision and mission, too. And they want to help US reach our potential so we can help YOU reach yours.

In March, what feels like yesterday but also an eon ago, we were gathered around a single cake. Remote employees watching from a precariously balanced laptop in the Bangalore office’s lounge. Jittery hands, whispers and giggles, and most of all speechlessness.

We had the distinct honor of announcing our Series A funding. $29M dollars which was a chance for us to explore how we can improve our infrastructure and provide better solutions.

We couldn’t believe it, and yet it also felt inevitable that others would put faith in the product we have so much trust in. We cut the cake, drank some soda, and decided to go play some cricket as a team.

And as we yelled and hooted, the ball was rolling even for the future of the company.

Our investors believe in us. So do the likes of Visa – the world-renowned card provider. Unlike before, when Volopay functioned with partnerships to issue cards, Visa’s seal of approval will now allow us to issue our own cards to clients.

What does this mean?

It means that all the promises and hopes we had are suddenly elevated to a new level. Initially, we were partnering with organizations in our target countries to issue cards. We were a distributor, not a supplier. With Visa’s Fintech Fast Track, everything changes.

Suddenly, we’ve been lobbed over the fence to a higher rung of the value chain. Having the end-to-end control over our supply chain means that we have complete power to decide the value, quality, and complexity of our product. It is finally, totally in our hands to be able to finesse every aspect of our product offering.

It’s also pretty cool.

Having a verifiable institution like Visa backing us is a Bat-Signal to the world that Volopay is no joke. We might know how to have fun, but we mean business with every word we say and every promise we make to our clients.

Regardless of the individual legalities of every market (all of which we continue to tackle, no matter how difficult), having the Visa FFT program badge gives us an edge.

It also opens many doors for a trusted, well-oiled machine of financial contacts and networks across the globe. The ecosystem Volopay is becoming a part of is the very ecosystem we first set out to disrupt – and now we have an in.

We’ve got a long journey ahead…

The game has only just begun. Everything before this was like a practice round, perhaps even the preliminaries.

And we’ve got a long, long way to go before we win. In fact, as our vision would have it, this is not a game that will ever end.

With every turn of technology, businesses will face new problems. We will continue observing new challenges.

And we will keep striving to find new solutions. For as long as businesses will exist, so will their problems – and so will their potential to step beyond them. Us? We’ll be there to help them make that leap and take flight.

Website: https://www.volopay.com/in

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