VSS Mani’s Just Dial Success Story & Entrepreneurial Journey From ₹ 50,000 To 690 Crore Revenue

VSS Mani Just Dial Success Story
VSS Mani: Founder of Just Dial

Just Dial: How it Started

Just dial is India’s biggest search engine, whose popular tag line is “JD app se pucho”.  Which provides all types of information?

This is a local search market that comes up with any information, according to your search. It gives you many data that you need.

You can choose one option, By the list given by the just dial. It makes your work simpler. There are 9000 employees in the firm speeded in 15 different offices. 

This app is so convenient and useful that the company receives 1.9 million calls daily. The best part is that the company website is recorded to be 1125.7 million for the FY 12-13, and website visitors are increasing day by day, as seen 1,16 million visitors on the daily basis.

The company is getting a good response from the customers, so they extended their services to Canada, UAE, and the USA. Its mobile application and website are giving good outcomes to the company, as over 3.4 million downloads are there from the mobile application.

VSS Mani, a first generation entrepreneur’s Just Dial Success story

It was truly said, that the Beginning is always struggling for any company and that was with JD. In starting company have a little struggle.

The company registered in the year 1994. They started the company in a rented place with 5 to 6 employees with an investment of Rs/-50,000. But in a shorter time, Justdial has become the most frequently used website and application by users in India.

Justdial – Founder and Team

V.S.S Mani is the Founder and CEO of the Company Justdial.

V.S.S Mani is the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, and the founder of Justdial. He was attached to the business from its startup. He is a knowledgeable and experienced person. The 25 years of experience make him so professional.

V. Krishnan

He is a non-independent executive manager in the company. He is the co-founder at Justdial and is an entrepreneur.

He has completed his studies at Delhi University and was the co-founder of the company. He plays the leading role to bring up the company with important responsibilities.

The Tag line of the company

This is the number 1 search engine that provides all types of search for a customer, so the company tag line is “Anything Anytime Anywhere”. It means you can use the app and website search ‘anytime’ and wherever you mean ‘anywhere.

The Business Model

The company knows that they had done few mistakes but, they learn from their mistakes. After doing few changes company moved up and become a leader in the local search destination.

The Justdial focused on the important number rather than having a unique name for the company. That was the mistake that they previously done in “AskMe”. This time they get the number 10 times 8.

After achieving a great number, now the company needs a good database with considerable volume. Now they need to find out users’ extensive research and database. 

The smart thing is that with tactics, what we do is that we didn’t follow big shots, but we focused on local business.

This is like we are helping people to find out small businesses, or things for their daily life in an easy way. This helped the company to hike its business too. 

As it was mouth publicity, that people are saying that Justdial is helping and it’s free of cost. This publicity helps the company and skyrocketing the numbers of their user base.

Justdial is also helping small and medium organizations, but it also helps special provision with value-added and gives them huge online visibility, customized website, payment solution, mobile site, and mobile app all this comes in a smart package for companies with MSME registration.

Who Invested in Justdial?

Many companies Invested in just dial like SAIF Partners, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, EGCS, and SAP Ventures. All these companies helped in the growth of Justdial.

These are great deals. In June 2012, Justdial Raised $57 million from investors including Sequoia Capital and Sapphire Venture. This fund helps to increase brand value and to develop the management of the company. Things that are achieved by the investors’ money are…

  • It strengthens the brand value of the company.
  • It builds on the relationship of brand SME’s.
  • The new scope to bring up a new product and activity in business.
  • The company can take the license to expand the geographical outreach of the company.

Just Dial- Growth

This is a Mumbai-based company That provides a local search engine. Now the company profit increase of $5.5 Million is Rs/- 38.5 crore.

Later company increases the revenue that was $30.2 Million that is Rs. 211.4 Crores and this was a big growth of 11.3%. This is an example of the fortunate growth of the company.

Reliance Retail ventures the biggest company in India announced on 7/7/2021 that it would be acquiring around 67% shares in Just Dial.

In amount, the cash would be Rs. 3497 crores. According to the press, that release information, Reliance has confirmed that VSS Mani, founder of Just Dial, will continue the 25 years old company as the Managing Director (MD) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Why Just Dial Kept on revolutionizing its Model and Platform Time to time?

Justdial wants to work according to the generation and their requirement. They want to change the whole process from a telephone directory to an internet-based model.

Where customers get all the numbers by simply typing their requirements. Now you can download the app on a mobile device.

Firstly, in starting user has to call Justdial for the number, but with this new technology, you will get the result by SMS or by e-mail.

Justdial advertising and marketing

Justdial starts up the firm with a good marketing strategy. The smart strategies of Mani (CEO of the company) are always in the growth.

There is a global outreach and vast reach of the network of Justdial. Now they started boosting and investing in their company regularly, by doing advertising. They choose all the mediums of advertising, like print, social media, cinema halls, and by T.V advertisements.

The big investment in branding and advertising is that they hire Amitabh Bachchan, for benefiting the company as a brand ambassador of Justdial.

The company has also done guerrilla marketing, This popular search engine started this marketing by placing advertising in hoardings. They placed hoardings in public places, airports, and railway stations.

Not only this the company started giving services during the wedding season. It also started doing sponsorship in sports events like IPL. 

Who are the competitors?

Every company has to face competitors, so as Justdial. But the best thing is this search engine company leaves behind other companies.

The company competitors are Quikr, Sulekh, Infoindia, Urban Company, Zimmber, IndianMart, Asklaila, Exporters India, Nearbuy, timesinfoline,and many more. 

Justdial has a total of 12,691 workers. And the rules are if the company has 9,600 members it’s ranked 1st and high against the competitor. 

There are always ups and downs in life as well as in the business. One has to solve this problem by hook or crook.

What is the Reason behind, giving such a big hit?

  1. It’s long-standing presence in the market, people relay that whatever we ask, we will get the problem solution answer. 
  2. The company adapts the present scenario, what the public needs at present. They shifted from a telephone-based directory to a web-based directory, and they noticed, that mobile is more convenient for people. So, the company jumped to mobile app services. 
  3. The app and web page gives quick solution to the customers. So, they approach Justdial.
  4. Constant giving users the best experience with high-quality performance.
  5. The company marketing management has ample experience. They have powerful strategies to grab the market.

What is Just dial?

Justdial is a local search engine, that provides all types of searches, related to any quires like job, business, a nearby restaurant, best nearby kids class, school, etc. by website or phone application.

Who is the founder of Justdial?

Venkatachalam Sthanu Subramani Mani, V.S.S Mani is the founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Justdial.

What services does Justdial provide?

The company provides all types of searches that users want to in their daily life. The app. Solve all the problems in a minimum time.

Who are the competitors of Justdial?

Asklaila, Zimmber, IndiaMART, Quikr, Sulekha, Urban Company, Nearbuy, Ahmedabad Business Pages, Fxchng, Timesinfoline, Exporters India, and EC21.


Just Dial Limited is one of the best local search engine in India, that offers all types of search to their users across India through multiple platforms such as Website, Online Directory, Mobile App, SMS, over the telephone.

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The company is rising day by day because they are providing all information needed by the customers.