Wall Clock Trends for 2022 to Elevate your Decor

Wall Clock

Life has substantially changed since the year 2020 began in a way that no one could have anticipated. Design fads have quickly changed as more of us have begun to spend time at home.

The days of gleaming, spotless modern homes made of white and glass, as well as of vibrant, highly patterned rooms decorated with wallpaper and mosaic tiles, are long gone.

Instead, we’ve developed a desire for comfort and more naturally inspired settings where we feel secure and at home, in an unpredictable world, this focus is more crucial than ever.

Along with the aesthetics of the home, one should also consider the current trends. For example, the chiming wall clocks in Australia are exceptionally famous.            

Natural looks are popular

Products like this 60cm Oak Pendulum Wall Clock With Grey Stone Dial By AMS fit in wonderfully with the current trend of using natural materials like stone and wood for home design and furniture.

Additionally, a growing trend in wood-laid designs, such as herringbone floors and ribbed wood accents on kitchen cabinets and walls, goes wonderfully with beech wood decor that is light in tone.

Chiming wall clocks in Australia along with traditional grandfather clocks are ideal matches for this new fashion.

As we work to reintroduce nature into our living spaces, the combination of these earthy natural tones with the presently popular rich shades of green, in particular, olive, emerald, eucalyptus, jade, and teal—evokes a sense of warmth and cosiness.

Natural Wood Wall Clocks blend in beautifully with the 2022 trend for natural-coloured interiors. Indoor plants provide a touch of green to this overall design to complete the look and actually create a cosy, comfy space you won’t want to leave.

Retro Styles: Going Back To Our Roots

The addition of handmade finishes for home decor is another design trend that is gaining popularity in 2022.

A large portion of the time spent at home during the pandemic has been focused on DIY home-based hobbies like planting and gardening, artistic projects, building creations, home cooking, and baking, all of which are skilled work with our hands.

This interest in the handmade perfectly complements the idea of returning to our roots. The return to vintage antique objects and heirloom one-of-a-kind items is the next trend for 2022, and it is closely related to the creative aspect of our life.

The antiquities industry is thriving while mainstream merchants struggle with global supply chain challenges and a significant backlog of orders.

A growing number of people are discovering their inner creativity and looking for one-of-a-kind trinkets and heirlooms that give the home a genuine vintage feeling of character and everlasting appeal.

Reminiscent heirloom goods like grandfather clocks and table clocks have increased in popularity as people turn back to their roots and devote more time to their homes and families. 

Many individuals recall the delight they felt as children listening to grandfather clocks chime in their family homes, and this delight has now been passed down to succeeding generations.

A smaller traditional design table clock or tambour-shaped mantel clock will also meet the new style trend perfectly if your house space or funds are insufficient for a grandfather clock.

In keeping with the notion of cosiness and comfort, rounded arches and curves have surpassed strong shapes and sharp edges in popularity.

They encourage our need for gentler lines and soothing designs. In actuality, a variety of grandfather clock and table clock designs go exceptionally well with the design of rounded arches and wavy lines.

Items with a big statement are popular

Last but not least, enormous décor items are a new trend for 2022 that is becoming more and more popular, especially clocks that become the focal point of a space.

Large clocks can help define the personality of a room with an artistic flair while also adding an overall wow factor to the 2022 space.

Compliment Current Trends

There is little doubt that each of us has undergone some kind of transformation during the past few years.

We have begun to draw toward nature-inspired spaces as a result of focusing our attention inward on our inner circles and home spaces, and the design trend for 2022 interiors perfectly reflects this.

Regardless of how your home is decorated, whether you want a more contemporary artistic atmosphere or prefer natural earth tones.

Just like the grandfather clock, you can also opt for the cuckoo clock or mantel clocks in Australia. However, buying these clocks from the right place is what matters the most.

You can buy traditional grandfather clocks that are on sale in Australia on various online platforms. However, you must keep your budget in mind while doing so. Your home decor should also be considered in order to find the right wall clock for your home.

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