Watch Out The Features To Incorporate In Admission Management Software

Admission Management Software

Education sectors have faced numerous challenges as a result of the pandemic’s continual disruptions, which have disrupted the flow of education.

However, technology has offered some stability to institutions, as they may now conduct online classes utilizing school ERP software.

In this case, the admission management system is a comprehensive composition of software that allows academies to automate and run their daily operations online. 

It creates a logical flow of work around each institution’s department and a straightforward, rigorous depiction of the academic curriculum at each class level.

Traditionally, any educational institute’s admissions procedure is performed manually. Many time-consuming duties, such as maintaining each student’s data entry and maintaining accurate records, are required.

Admission Management Software has recently been developed in order to reduce the burden and save time.

It’s a lot easier to boost productivity this way. It is also effective to manage day-to-day college operational activities such as attendance marking, assigning homework, and so on, in addition to the admission process along with enterprise software development services.

This is where admission management software comes into play, without wasting much time let’s understand what exactly it is! 

Undoubtedly, admission management software is an important aspect of any successful school’s software.

Every admissions stage is intelligently automated, resulting in a hassle-free, error-free, and time-saving process.

Admission management software allows you to complete the usual admission procedure in a more complex manner.

Nonetheless, it adds a slew of new tools to meet today’s fast-paced and ever-changing educational needs. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider while selecting the finest admission management software.

Most educational hubs have adapted to online schooling to maintain their academic curriculum, therefore it’s a good idea to adjust to online admittance, which is much more efficient than on-campus admission.

Let’s dive deeply by understanding its features now! 

What Are The Features Of Admission Management Software?

Lead Capture

We are sure, you might have all seen action movies in which the bad guys surround the hero during a fight and the hero defeats them all by himself.

Regrettably, this does not occur in real life. The same can be said for your student administration as well.

Not that the questions from the students are negligible. However, if you receive a large number of leads, your system will most certainly be overwhelmed. It will result in missed chances and follow-ups.

However, with a solid lead collection system in place, you can ensure that leads are captured from a variety of sources, including social media channels, publisher panels, online/offline ads, inbound calls, landing pages, and more.

Inquiry Features

Parents’ inquiries are the initial stage in the admissions process. It’s an opportunity for educational hubs to make a positive first impression on students and parents about the quality of their school.

In admission management software, a dynamic inquiry form adapted to the school’s needs is a must-have.

Because the majority of parents today conduct their initial research on schools via the internet and social media, a competent admission management software that can generate leads from these sources would be advantageous to schools.

Student Engagement Workflow

In the recruitment process, different institutions use a varied set of processes. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to increasing admissions.

You may, however, create routines to keep a student interested in your college. It might be a simple event invitation, a school tour, a therapy session, or something else.

For example, you should have a multistep touchpoint in place as soon as you receive a student query.

For example, how many emails should you send and at what intervals, when should you call, and what emails should you send students based on their behavior.

This process is streamlined with the admission CRM, which allows you to develop engaging processes for applications and prospective students.

Notifications/ Alert

Students will be better prepared for their next stage of the admission process if they receive a timely update on their acceptance status.

Schools can automate the notification process to expedite the next step of the admissions process, saving valuable time. Intelligent admission management software must include a reliable communication channel such as SMS, email, or any other communication method

Lead Segmentation

It’s a widespread misconception that admissions are all about getting as many leads as possible and then contacting each and every one of them, resulting in a 100% conversion rate. To some extent, this is correct. However, we have yet to address the fundamental issue.

Why aren’t we seeing a 100% conversion rate on the 100 leads that have been generated? It’s nearly tough to call each lead individually. You may have stale leads or queries that have lost interest or become cold.

As a result, it’s critical to identify your target audience, collect real-time interaction data through website visits, webinar attendance, and time spent on marketing content, and create engaging touchpoints with them.

A game of lead qualifying and clever audience targeting is required to convert a student inquiry into enrollment.

Unfortunately, most admissions committees overlook this. By assisting you in identifying conversion-ready leads, an admissions CRM may help you overcome this big stumbling barrier.

It allows you to award marks depending on their participation, such as website visits and email openings, as well as their admissions eligibility.

Scheduling Interviews

Applicant scheduling Interviews can be chaotic on many levels—no shows, several email threads, many levels of interviews, document submission, and so on.

Many IT professional services are developing advanced admission management module scheduling tools that can help bring order to chaotic workdays and streamline the entire applicant interviewing process.

Everything takes place in one spot, from scheduling candidate interviews to collecting papers, evaluating, ranking, activities, emails, getting feedback, making decisions, and every other aspect of the applicant recruiting process.

Creating Basic Touchpoints

Similarly, rather than calling each student one by one and repeating the same information, you might send emails elaborating on the topics that would interest them when they visit your website or go through the placements page.

An admission CRM allows you to gather touchpoints that stimulate a student’s interest and quickly frame and send an email. 

You may also make landing pages depending on student searches and the terms they use the most. In order to engage prospective students, educational institutions can use email marketing. Calling each and every lead isn’t a viable option. 

Registration Fee Collection 

As we know that most institutions charge a small fee for registering for classes, admission management software should include payment options for paying registration fees online.

Offline payments, on the other hand, can be recorded and updated in the admission management software to create a full accounting report for parents’ convenience.

Real-time Reports

It’s easy to keep track of the ongoing process with real-time analytics-driven student admission reports that provide a graphical summary of the admissions status, applicant inflow, and their journey down the admissions funnel.

You can get detailed statistics and reporting in one place with the help of IT consultation services as they are providing advanced reporting tools such as applicant updates, complete statistics, real-time status summaries, student payment history, final student selection list, letters of recommendation, to-do lists, student portfolios, and the big picture.

Final Words

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Here are some amazing features that are present in the Admission Management Software that can uplift your institutions. We hope you like this article and also understand how it can benefit your workplace.