7 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work!

Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween gives us all the reasons to be all psyched about this day! The magical night, fantasies of broom rides, spooky tales, dried up trees, witchcraft vibes, and all things eerie bring in the chills we long for all year.

It takes a lot of planning to decide on what you’ll be doing at the festival. Finding the Halloween discount codes and shopping frantically to get things right, you don’t relax until it’s all sorted.

From decorations to costumes and makeup to treats, it’s a whole lot of effort. But, what if you get a call from work that there won’t be any holiday for you on 31st!

You’d undoubtedly be devasted, but if you’re called in, you’ll have to go. However, there are a bunch of things that you can do at work to enjoy Halloween and make the most of the day.

We’ve got you a cluster of Halloween ideas to live it up while you’re at work. Collaborate with your management and friends and execute any of the ideas you love from below.

1. A Spooky Breakfast to Begin With!

The festive morning that you have to get up and go to work feels the worst! Though, it can be made better.

You can arrange for a spooky breakfast in the morning, ordering different treats and snacks for all the employees.

Place orders for pumpkin bread, Halloween cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, apple cider doughnuts, pancakes with scary faces, blood-red drinks and anything else you want.

It can be a good start to the day with everybody enjoying and conversing on the breakfast together.

2. Call it a Costume Day  

The day of Halloween should never be boring! Maybe for a day, everyone in the office can ditch their normal clothes and put on some mind-boggling Halloween costumes.

So what if you have to work, you can always work while wearing some fun and creative costumes.

You can make a list beforehand about who’s wearing what kind of costumes so as to avoid two people wearing the same.

Working around in an environment where everyone has put on a weird and ghoulish character would be extremely amusing.

This way, you might feel a little less bad about working on a holiday!  

3. A Horror Movie Break  

If the employees are working on a holiday, the management can at least be generous enough to let them enjoy for a few hours in the day!

And in case they allow, you can take a horror movie break with all your work friends. Create a projector or a huge LED setup and put on the Halloween films to vibe with the day.

If you can’t make your mind about what to watch, there are some best Halloween movies on Netflix and other streaming websites that you can latch on.

4. Turn Office in a Haunted Space

Why work amid the plain white walls when you can bring in all the chilling feels with your décor skills?

Although it would take some preparation ahead of time, it’s surely worth all the exertion. You can turn your office or any workplace into a creepy space with some outstanding Halloween decorations.

Hang in dark curtains, place scary dolls, spread fake spider webs, scatter pumpkins all around the place, suspend skeletons from the ceiling and do all that you can to make it the creepiest setting you’ve ever seen.

In case you need some material to decorate, there’s plenty available at the home stores with Halloween deals active on all.

5. Play Creepy Music

Imagine walking in your office early in the morning, and you hear eerie music being played in the background with a frightening set up across the room!

That would definitely set up the mood for you. You can arrange some good quality speakers and make a playlist of the Halloween songs to play for the entire day.

To top off the scary feeling, you can download some witch laughter and play them intermittently to give those ominous jolts to everyone!

6. Trick or Treat

Why should only kids have all the fun on Halloween? Didn’t you love trick or treating when you were a kid?

Well, you can have the same good time at work now! How about asking everybody in the office to bring candies other stuff for trick and treat?

All the employees should have different things in their bowls where everyone will go to others and pick the treats from the bowl.

It’s a fantastic idea to work on and engage the staff with each other. Moreover, there are a bundle of stores that provide you with toothsome candies and sweets along with the best Halloween candy deals.

7. The Scary Story hour!

This one is the most interesting of all the ideas we’ve mentioned above! Besides, it requires no extra items or preparation.

All you have to do is gather everyone in a single place, dim the lights and let the tales break. People who have encountered any spooky thing in their lifetime can share it with others with full feels.

Others who haven’t been through any scary incident can just make things up in their head and tell their spine-chilling stories to all.

To intensify it a little more, you can play spooky background music and light up a red bulb!

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