7 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in a Start-Up

Increase Employee Engagement

Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in a Start-Up

The success ratio of any start-up largely depends on its employees. Making them feel warm and accepted as an integral part of the team is one of the most important duties on an employer’s part. Employee engagement is a key element in the success of an organization. 

Employee engagement activities refers to investing in activities that result in employee welfare and job satisfaction. It increases the chances of top-performing employees developing company loyalty and giving their best to the company. 

Almost every successful company engages in a variety of ways to keep their employees engaged and interested to turn up to work every day.

In this article, we will discuss 5 effective ways to increase employee engagement in a start-up.

Amp Up Employee Engagement with These Tactics

1. Hosting events

This includes celebratory events during festivals, birthday parties, workshops, virtual classes, or charity projects. Host an afternoon/evening of fun and frolics where people engage in conversations and exchange gifts. 

Remember to include your employees in the planning process of such events. This makes them feel like an integral part of the team. It is always a plus point when employees have a say and, hence, get more excited about the activities that involve them. 

There are a few basic guidelines that you can follow to successfully create virtual classes and shows: 

  • Employees appreciate transparency. It is important to make the primary goal or agenda of a particular event clear to the people associated with it.
  • Next, choose a platform that is suitable for the event you are holding, one that your employees will enjoy.
  • Pick the right time to implement your event, keeping in mind the availability of your employees

The ultimate key to making such events a success and ensuring employees to be invested is to keep the events interactive.

2. Sending fun and thoughtful care packages

A care package for an employee is a collection of gifts that leaves the recipient with a sense of belonging and warmth. It helps establish a personal relationship with your employees and makes them feel “cared” for. 

A care package can consist of things that hold personal, emotional or professional value or concentrate on the general wellness of an employee. It can include healthy gourmet snacks, health drinks, mugs, sippers, or customized apparel. 

It is always a smart idea to give your employees the option to choose what kind of care package would suit them and be the most useful to them. 

Offering special perks like discounts or gift coupons to employees is another effective way of showing that you care about your employee’s well-being, even beyond the workspace. There are many corporate gift ideas that will not only recognize employees but also improve the organizational environment.

3. Encouraging employee side projects

Make sure you present your staff with appropriate opportunities for growth and innovation. This proves that even though they are working in a corporate structure, employees can retain their sense of freedom and independent decision making.

They really appreciate being assigned roles and duties that let them explore their areas of passion or interest, within the official working structure of the start-up.

When you give your employees opportunities to indulge in projects on the side, it encourages them to work more diligently since they don’t feel subjected to the stringent nature that is common in jobs. It increases their motivation to innovate in their everyday job.

These side jobs help employees save themselves from the regular grind of a start-up. Contrary to popular belief, it is often a welcome break.

Being able to channelize their thoughts and expressions in a creative manner, helps them function better in their daily jobs. 

On an employee’s part, it shows immense prowess when one is able to learn something of real value and implement it to better themselves in their permanent job. 

4. Creating a sociable culture

The primary element to assembling a productive team for a start-up that meaningfully collaborates and brings out the best in one another is to create a positive work environment. The focus should be on one that values and focuses on problem-solving, open communication, and a flat hierarchy. 

Employees carry the desire to feel included and be counted as a crucial part of a team. It is healthy for them to share a fun and personal relationship with other colleagues while keeping the professional boundaries in check. 

Creating a culture of connectedness is important so that it is evident to everyone that each person comes from a certain walk of life and that’s what makes them unique in their ideas, experiences, etc. 

The goal is to make your employees feel safe and comfortable confiding in their own company. Keeping each other in the loop and indulging in activities together facilitates a sense of community, which goes a long way in establishing employee engagement. 

When employees feel more included, they tend to outdo themselves for their employer. When a team functions better collectively, it also automatically helps the firm generate better revenue. 

5. Showing appreciation

Employees in a start-up, or any company following a corporate structure, want to be appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts while accomplishing a job. There are a few basic ways to show appreciation to your employees: 

  • An employer should acknowledge and applaud concerned employees for their achievements.
  • Thanking your team publicly gives them a sense of honour that results in gratitude towards the company.
  • Presenting them with rewards for a job well done or giving them a day off to compensate for their mental and physical well-being.
  • Celebrating holidays, birthday parties, and company achievements together makes them feel cared and accounted for.
  • Ignoring tiny mistakes that don’t take a toll on the basic functioning of the project.
  • Giving your employees extra time off
  • Letting employees know which actions and decisions are genuinely appreciated makes them feel like their work is valued. This adds a zeal to their daily agenda to invest their maximum working capacity into their jobs.
  • Creating a rewards system adds an edge and ensures that your top-performing employees play a key role in your company’s future. The smartest idea to show appreciation to your employees is to use a corporate gamification system. Any person would take a keener interest in the regular functioning of their workplace if that turned out to be fun for them.

To make employees stay with the same company for many years to enjoy the fruits of their skills, it is crucial to provide reasons for your employees to continue working for your firm and giving their best. This includes showing appreciation and acknowledging their milestones. 

6. Hold employee engagement surveys

Always prioritize your employee’s feedback. This will reassure them that their stand is taken into account with utmost respect and sincerity.

You can hold occasional employee recognition surveys and use the information that reaches you through the initiative to make your workplace more habitable for your regulars.

One of the most effective ways to figure out which activities suit your employees best is to use updated employee surveys to influence your decision-making.

For instance, a research conducted by OffiNeeds shows that new employees expect welcome gifts or incentives during the induction period of their job.

7. Invest in employee engagement

Employee engagement activities help in increasing proficiency, productivity, and enhancing involvement and enthusiasm among employees. It is what wins the loyalty of your employees and contributes to long-term retention. 

If a start-up aims to grow and flourish sustainably, employee engagement should be given due attention.

OffiNeeds’ catalogue of appreciation gifts has resulted in companies levelling up employee engagement in the workplace.

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