Ways to Save Time but Still Provide Quality in Your Cafe

Ways to Save Time but Still Provide Quality in Your Cafe

Cafes offer a great place for people to hang out with friends, socialize, have a nice meal, and relax. They’re also a profitable business venture, especially if you have a knack for customer service, food, or the food industry in general.

However, when it comes to running a successful business the main thing you need to ensure is that you provide quality food and services while also keeping up with the pace of customers, rushes, and the demand for service.

There are many ways to save time but still provide quality service in your cafe, which will allow you to balance keeping up and putting out a great experience for anyone who visits your cafe. Discussed below are some of the ways you can accomplish that.

Order Fresh Breads

Ordering your fresh loaves of bread instead of baking them in-store can help save time because you do not have to make them from scratch or worry about how long it would take for them to bake.

When you order fresh loaves of bread, they arrive at the cafe and are ready to serve straight out of the packaging. All you have to do is work with a company that offers fresh bread delivery services.

This also allows you more room to move in your kitchen, since bread baking ovens won’t monopolize large parts of the walls or the kitchen in general. This means you can do more in less space, which is great if you didn’t have much, to begin with.

Install POS Software

You can easily save a lot of time when you install POS software. This is because it will automatically calculate the prices of your food, note the time the transaction took place, allow your employees to clock in and out for their shifts, and do a lot of the general register work for you and your employees when taking an order.

With this, you will provide quality services and still save time. You can also use this software to keep track of how much was spent at which register and recall receipts to resolve discrepancies. This can be very helpful when counting up a drawer at the end of a shift.

Streamline Scheduling

Staggering when your employees come in for their shift will ensure there is always someone available to watch the store.

It’s also an important method for covering when the morning shift eventually transitions to the afternoon shift, and even possibly the night shift depending on how long you want to keep your cafe open.

As long as someone is there to handle running the restaurant, you don’t have to worry about making sure there’s always someone present, beyond patching holes in the schedule should someone call out sick or decide to quit. Some ways to go about this is to hire people with a variety of availabilities.

Whether full-time or part-time, it makes it much easier to build your schedule if you know that there’s someone who would prefer to be there during the lunch rush, and will therefore be present as the people who worked in the early morning are gradually replaced by those ready to handle the afternoon and closing.

Create Protocols for Your Cafe

You can create protocols for your cafe to ensure that it works efficiently. Come up with protocols centered around ordering, training, seating guests, food preparation, scheduling, and dishwashing.

This will help you and your staff save time since you do not have to keep repeating what you expect of them and ensures a baseline of what to expect when someone visits your place of business.

Use Your Downtime Wisely

During downtime, you can use your time to do other things. You can catch up on the cleaning, prepare for the next rush with meal preparations, table preparations, wipe downs, do inventory so that you know what you need and what you might be running out of, and so much more.

This will enable your cafe to run efficiently without delays. Your customer services will be top-notch.

Create Guides for Your Staff

This last step is heavily related to creating protocols for what you expect in your store, but you can easily create guides for your staff to provide better services.

This is because it will help them understand the needs of their customers and what they’re expected to do both when interacting with customers and when running the store, and this means that you can ensure that you are providing quality services every time.

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Following these tips will be easy for you to create a successful cafe. You will also attract more customers and ensure that they are satisfied with your services.