5 Ways to Style a Jogger that can elevate you to the next level


These days, joggers are taking over jeans and chinos when it comes to fashion. Joggers are very sporty and easy to wear.

It is a very versatile pair that every man should own in his wardrobe. But here’s a tip: neutral coloured joggers or any pants you wear allow you to experiment, try and even experience having a great crisp clean and an attractive look.

And these are the colours that are suitable for any skin toned person and can be worn without
any hesitation. Now the question arises how joggers can be styled?

So Joggers can also be styled with some over shirts and denims and even coats. In this article we are going to discuss five ways to style a jogger and trust us on these styles which includes layering that can elevate you to the next level.

1. Joggers style (sporty jogger) with Track Jacket

This look here is perfect for athletes, people who go for morning / evening walks and who hit the gym or basically who are involved in sports.

You could pair up your Jogger in any colour – black, grey, navy blue and so on, anyone can pull it off by wearing a matching coloured track jacket and a sport t-shirt.

You can get a jogger online. The fabrics we have used in joggers are very comfortable and suit every type of situation . It is sweat resistant.

So you don’t face a situation where you get uncomfortable by wearing it, you visit our website
xyxxcrew.com to buy good quality jogger online.

Coming down to footwears you can go with sport shoes, running shoes or even sneakers and You’re good to go. A smartwatch will be perfectly compatible with your look.

2. Joggers with oversized white tee

This look right here with the basic white tee shirt is Super simple. It will just look phenomenal and spectacular.

The oversized tee shirt also makes it very comfortable especially paired with your basic grey joggers. You can even pair it with your boat shoes, sneakers and even flip flops.

Wearing an oversized tee shirt can also create an illusion of you looking bigger if you are slightly a less weighted or thin person. Wearing a t-shirt that hugs your body can show that you are thin.

So here an oversized tee shirt can really be your best friend. Not particularly white tee shirt. You can even pair it with a black, Navy blue, Olive green and more neutral coloured t-shirt to look amazing and ready to go.

You can accessorise with a thin silver chain and even go with some leather bracelets or leather strap watches.

3. Denim Jacket paired with Joggers

A denim jacket would be a spectacular choice to pair with your joggers. Wear your black joggers, white t-shirt with black straps on it and blue faded denim shirt.

And a really great advantage of this style is that any body shape person can carry this look.You can try folding up your sleeves which gives you a more even look.

Wearing accessories here like watches and bracelets would look great. This is a very casual and comfortable look which you can have on a small friend’s trip and anywhere basically.

Nowadays, denim joggers can be found as another fashion trend. A look with denim joggers is that you can pair a white plain t-shirt with a light pink denim jacket.

Go with white canvas shoes that will match your white t-shirt and complement the complete

4. Styling Jogger with Sweatshirt

Nowadays sweatshirts and even dye sweatshirts (are so much a fashion trend) and this can be the best go to style with a jogger’s look.

This style can create a very smart and outgoing look for you. It can be a serious streetwear outfit and yet at the same time it can be an everyday wear.

To keep the look more appropriate and stylish you can pair them with stylish sneakers and even with boots.

You can wear a simple leather strap watch or a sports watch again like G-Shock. If you wish to add accessories like bracelets and a thin silver chain you can go with it.

5. Jogger Style with Winter Wardrobe

Entering winter is where you start wearing a long coat and blazers. You can pair your joggers with a high neck or crew neck plain and striped sweater.

And layer it with a long coat or blazer which creates a striking appearance. To make the look work keep your top layer dark or neutral in colour.

Here you can wear various boots like chukka boots, Chelsea boots or even brogues can work better. Wear a classy watch to polish the outfit.

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So in this article we have discussed what joggers are? And the different ways in which we
can style them to create an outfit or look according to the places, events and activities we
are involved in.