Website Design Pitfalls you Need to Watch Out for

How to learn Web Design

Website Design Pitfalls you Need to Watch Out for

How well your website has been designed goes a long way in ensuring the success of your digital marketing plan.

As any Long Island website design company will tell you that the web pages that make up your website are representations of your online entity as a business.

How well it has been designed will go a long way in creating lasting impressions. We take a look at some pitfalls in web designing that any web design company near me should avoid. 

Common Mistakes Web Designers Must Steer Clear of 

Unhelpful and Disorganized Content: Your website can be a piece of art! The design elements may be impeccable to the hilt! However, the fact remains that websites are accessed not for the sake of beauty but for the quest for information.

And the information is provided by the content onboard. Therefore, you need to provide content that is organized and helpful.

Organized content will make fishing for relevant information easier. Useful content will ensure that the reader can find the required information when they visit.

Having a website that is stuffed with irrelevance when it comes to content posting can end up irritating visitors!

No matter how technologically sound the site is, visitors, are not likely to be able to visit unless they find the required information, and that too in a jiffy! 

Low Loading Speed: Loading speed is the time taken for a web page to load. Typically, the period should not exceed a maximum of 2 seconds owing to the pathetically short attention spans of surfers and researchers.

More loading time would automatically mean more bounce rates. If your website takes a long to load, it will not leave searchers with any other option but to look elsewhere. Naturally, they will be driven to competitor websites! 

Not Including a Search Bar: Search bars are not only for search engines, they are also meant for websites. Consider including a search bar on your web page so that users can utilize it to fish out the information they wish to access.

Typing in a few keywords in the search bar of the site is the simplest way to arrive at the desired product or product page!

Placing the bar right at the top of the web page and thus conforming to the convention is also necessary!

Some website design companies do not think it necessary to include a search bar! This can be a pricey mistake! 

Not Including Calls to Action or CTAs: Including a Call to Action button is an easy way to improve conversion rates for any website.

The call to action can be anything ranging from ordering a product online, responding to surveys and messages, signing up for newsletters, and so on!

Providing clear CTA links is helpful! Embedding your content with prominent hyperlinks is also a good idea. Motivating the visitor to click on a link is perhaps the easiest way to ensure visitor engagement. 

Not providing clear contact information is another gross mistake. If the visitor needs to contact you, he or she should be able to do so promptly without having to look here and there. Consult a specialist for web design in Nassau County, NY, for more inputs and clarity.

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