What a LED extrusion/profile is and how to use it

LED Extrusion

Lighting strips have sometimes been problematic for home decoration, but now LED strip lights can be incorporated in a variety of ways that will expand your creative options. 

It has never been easier to mount LED strip lights.  In addition to being used indoors and outdoors, these strips can also be used in the basement. 

Extrusions from KLUS can be used for any lighting application you need, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Aside from their practical benefits, extrusions are also aesthetically pleasing.  Furthermore, they act not only as a connection between the strips of light and the surface to which they will be attached, but also serve to create a finished and stylish appearance for the LED light. 

Strip lights can be mounted on a wall, shelf, cabinet, or another stable surface of any kind.  You can also cut the extrusions to the exact length needed, just as you can with the lighting fixtures.

Additionally, extrusions offer other benefits.  Because these LED lights are waterproof, they can be installed near water outlets. 

In addition to protecting the strip lights from water, this will ensure that the lights can be used outside without worrying about being wet from rain, snow, or other forms of possible weather damage.

Extrusion of LEDs – what is it?

A Led drywall extrusion is a type of casing that contains LED strip lights. LED lighting is typically contained within aluminum extrusions which make it safe.

An extrusion has the advantage of looking more ‘finished’ than an unhoused strip of LED lighting, which is perfect if you intend to place the lighting in a prominent location. Extrusions and profiles are the same thing, they are just called different things.

How do LED extrusions benefit you?

It prevents damage to your LED lights when you use an extrusion around them. Lighting strips will prevent damage if they are placed in areas near people.

Although aluminum extrusions are not waterproof, they can still protect the strip from damage caused by moisture.

Consider using LED tape to provide full protection against water. Among the extensive collection of extrusions available from Light Supplier are narrow extrusions.

How can you use them?

Adding aluminum extrusions to LED strip lighting can enhance its appearance in many places around the home and office.

In the bathroom, above the sink, above your wardrobe, or above your drawers, you can use them in your home to light up your ceiling, TV, or wardrobe.

Extrusions can be used to add a professional touch to strip lighting, which makes it incredibly versatile. In addition, you do not have to worry about which size to order; the extrusions can be cut to fit your needs.

LED Extrusion Installation

You can fix extrusions in two different ways. Countersink bolts can be screwed into the extrusion directly or using brackets which can be clipped to the extrusion to fasten it in place.

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You can finish off your lighting design with an aluminium extrusion if you’re planning to use strip lighting. We offer a wide range of extrusions to suit every need.