What are Natural Rough Diamonds?

Natural Rough Diamonds

Natural Rough Diamonds are Raw Rough Diamonds that have been mined directly from the earth, and cut down to a smaller size and sold, in their raw rough state, uncut and unpolished. 

Some of these Diamonds are then taken and drilled through the center and sold as Raw Rough Diamond Beads, in strands.

Unlike other colour Diamonds that may be treated to give them their own hue, some of these Diamonds possess their own colours, derived from the chemicals or impurities taken in during their formation in the earth crust.

Why do people find Raw Uncut Diamonds appealing?

The world is force fed with luxurious pictures of Cut, Polished brilliant Diamonds and other shapes in stunning sparkling colours, so much so that other kinds of Diamond and gemstone have taken a backseat. One of these is Rough Diamonds. 

Rough uncut diamond, especially loose rough diamonds are purchased by those who either resell them as they are, or cut and polish them and sell them in different cuts and sizes.

Their prices can vary depending on their 4 C’s, mainly emphasizing if they are natural color diamonds or on their clarity.

When it comes to their carat, there are some twists. For example a Rose cut diamond carries more carat weight than a brilliant cut of the same size, because Rose Cuts look big.

Yet the brilliant cut would weigh more. Therefore the Rose cut is less expensive but looks bigger.

People also buy raw uncut Diamond Jewelry because of their rugged look. It also fits the concept of imperfection and simplicity, and they do well with the minimal jewelry concept, like thin rose gold bands, with a single rough diamond setting, or with stacked rings, which has been raging all over Instagram.

A new trend is sporting Raw Diamond slices, where some artists simply encircle the slice with a precious metal strip and attach a hoop, so that you can see through the slice as it has no backing. This is suspended by a single gold strand and looks glorious.

In the case of Drilled Rough Diamonds or Uncut Rondelle Diamonds all you need is sturdy good quality wire, or strand that will pass through all the beads, with an attached necklace clasp. This is the easiest and most convenient setting for a designer. 

But for most occasions, designers prefer to mix different Rough Diamonds with other faceted diamonds for a more unique design.

So to sum up a few pointers on why people buy Raw Rough Diamonds-

  • Raw Rugged look.
  • Less expensive than Cut Diamonds.
  • Preference of Earth Mined over lab grown or treated Diamonds.
  • Fit the Concept of minimalism.
  • For resale or to create custom cuts.

Where can you Buy Natural Rough Diamonds?

Since we are in the middle of the pandemic, the best place to get anything including, Raw Rough Diamonds, is online.

But if you carry out the safety measures, like wearing a mask, and using sanitizer, then be sure to support your local jewelry businesses that may be facing financial turmoil during this period. 

To buy loose diamonds you will have to contact a Vendor, wholesaler/reseller. The wholesaler acquires his stock, by buying a huge quantity at a discounted rate, and he then sells the diamonds the way he bought them, or he cuts them and sells them loose, or he himself creates a custom jewelry piece, embeds the stones in it and sells them. 

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Make sure to 

  • Ask for a certificate with your purchase.
  • Ask if the seller provides refunds, exchanges, money back guarantee.
  • Check out the Diamonds in person under a magnifying glass.
  • Sell it to you at market rate.