What Are Subscription Boxes?

subscription boxes

What Are Subscription Boxes?

Something that more and more businesses are doing in recent years is creating subscription boxes to sell to customers.

There has been a significant increase in types of subscription boxes and companies that sell them. Chances are, when on a company website, particularly those that deal with products like clothing, books, and food, you’ve seen an advertisement for a subscription box.

Why are businesses turning to these kinds of boxes? Here is a quick guide on what subscription boxes are and how they help businesses spread brand recognition.

What They Are

Rather than having a customer order one product from a website and shipping it out to them, subscription boxes include a group of different products that are typically related.

Sometimes people just buy one of these boxes, but there are also reoccurring subscriptions where businesses send out a new subscription box of products each month or so.

For example, a coffee company might have a subscription box that includes a range of beans and flavors that updates each month as products and trends change.

Some examples of companies that offer subscription boxes include makeup and beauty businesses, pet food and toy businesses, book publishers and bookstores, and wineries that send out new bottles to their customers.

Most companies that deal with subscription boxes don’t just send out these orders in their usual, plain brown cardboard boxes.

The go-to practice for shipping out these products is using mailer boxes, such as custom mailer boxes from Vispronet, which are boxes printed with a unique design that incorporates the company’s logo, slogan, colors, etc.

A goal for subscription boxes is to make them look attractive on the outside so that the customer is excited to open them. Having custom designed boxes also comes in handy if the customer does an unboxing video.

How They Are Used

What are unboxing videos? These are the clips you see on YouTube of people receiving a package and opening it on camera to share with their audience.

For instance, a lot of channels that specialize in video games will have unboxing videos when they purchase new merchandise, such as consoles, games, and collectible figurines.

Subscription boxes are a popular subject for unboxing videos, because they include a range of products the video can show off.

Businesses want to make sure that if customers are filming unboxing videos, that it’s clear what company the subscription boxes are from.

Therefore, having logo printed boxes is important. Not only does the customer see an appealing box with the company logo on it, but their entire video audience will see it too.

When creating custom mailer boxes for a business, it’s crucial to make sure that the company logo is included in the design so that it’s clear where the products come from, even to those who are watching a video.

Custom designs for a subscription box can span across the entire outside of the box, and sometimes the design is even printed on the inside for further branding.

The typical subscription boxes have a wide length and a short height compared to regular squared shipping boxes.

This makes what’s printed on the top and bottom of the box more noticeable. Businesses usually include the most essential part of their design, such as their logo and slogan, on the top and bottom of the box to spread brand recognition.

Subscription boxes have becoming popular for businesses because it showcases the logo, slogan, and very importantly, the different products the company has to offer.

Getting a variety of products in a box introduces a wide range of company products to customers – exposing them to food, makeup, or clothing they might have otherwise not bought.

It’s also an easy item for customers because they get a selection of products for one price rather than having to buy them all separately.

These types of boxes also make great and easy gifts. People who know a book lover or a foodie can get them a gift subscription service for a special occasion, giving them a range of items that they’re interested in rather than just one.

Closing Thoughts

Because subscription boxes are great for both businesses and customers, it’s safe to say that they aren’t going anywhere, especially with the increase in online shopping and shipping.

Companies that have a lot of products they want to introduce to their customer base or customers who have a particular interest will see the benefit in selling or ordering subscription boxes.

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