What are the abilities required for interpreting and translating? Does a professional translation agency have this ability?

translation agency

Both are jobs that make use of language skills, but if you have language skills, can you quickly get a job as an interpreter or translator?

Actually, it’s not such an easy job. Some returnees may find it advantageous to be bilingual, but there are many specialists who are not based overseas and are active in interpreting and translating through domestic activities.

It is not a job that can produce results just by “proficient in languages”. So what kind of ability is required?

From here, we will discuss the skills required for interpreters and translators. I found all these skills in Übersetzungsbüro Profi Fachübersetzung and for this reason this agency is suitable for choosing as a translator and interpreter.

Skills required for an interpreter

Comprehension and expressiveness

As a matter of course, German ability is required as much as foreign languages. The ability to instantly interpret what the other person said, understand the purpose and points, and convert it to “another language” is required.

The expression method changes according to the situation and position of the other party, and it is necessary to convey the intention of the speaker without misunderstanding.

Especially in German, many people speak with the subject unclear, and euphemisms are not uncommon, so advanced comprehension and expressiveness are the keys to performance.

Communication and judgment

In the process of the meeting unknown reasons can happen due to this you should have an interpreter.

It is necessary to prepare for various situations such as delayed arrival of overseas speakers, sudden program changes caused by network failures, and unplanned remarks in English by german fluent in English. Clients need the flexibility to respond appropriately to these situations.

Information gathering ability, research ability

It is an essential and basic skill to maintain the quality of interpreting performance. When you get a job, you need to prepare carefully before the production.

Of course, if you read the meeting materials to be shared in advance and attach an antenna to “industry knowledge” and “social situation”, sudden humorous remarks and unplanned contents will be spoken to the speaker. On the other hand, a flexible response is possible.

Skills required for translators

Reading comprehension

As a translator who handles documents, the ability to read the original text is of utmost importance. For example, suppose the original text to be translated has “coarse elements”.

It is not uncommon for the subject or object to be missing, or for content that is difficult to understand without background and expertise information.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the ability to accurately understand the purpose and main points of the text and translate it with appropriate expressions.

Information gathering ability, research ability

It is a necessary force for translators as well as interpreters. You can stock the necessary knowledge by not only using dictionaries properly according to the purpose and field, but also by keeping an eye on the latest information and trends in each industry on a daily basis.

In the case of short delivery time, we do not have time to collect information slowly, so the prior knowledge that we have accumulated on a daily basis affects the quality (quality of sentences).

Self-management ability

Translation work is a steady and lonely work. Securing time to improve the information gathering skills mentioned in the second item is also one of the self-management skills.

Since daily study and training are required, it can be said that it is a difficult ability to develop in a short period of time.

What about career formation?

So how do you become an interpreter or translator? For example, if you search with the keywords “interpretation job” and “translation job” on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo !,

more than 100 job information will be displayed, but most of them require “3 years or more of experience”. It has become.

Therefore, it is a good idea to check the application guidelines for “Inexperienced OK” first. It is also recommended that you gain experience in volunteer interpreting and translation.

For example, the royal road is to improve your career as an in-house person in charge and then switch to freelance.

Regarding language qualifications, in fact, there are almost no application requirements that require “necessary qualifications” related to language.

In rare cases, it is necessary to have an academic background in a vocational school specializing in languages.

Now, regarding “what can be an important status?”, What I want to keep in mind is the “experience/achievement” and “personality” mentioned above.

Especially in the interpreting industry, there are many companies and organizations that emphasize these factors.

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In spite of this, self selling is not a good process , you must have a connection with some translator agency. Due to this reason, register yourself with an agent and arrange a job.