What are the Advantages of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

What are the Advantages of a Dedicated Server

Businesses of all sizes are faced with a variety of options for hosting their mail server, website, and an array of web applications.

The most common option available is a shared hosting service, where their site and applications will be placed on a server alongside a variety of other websites.  

This may be alright for the average company, but for those who need greater control and power over their online activities, dedicated server hosting is a better option.

As its name implies, dedicated hosting is when a client will rent an entire service from a dedicated hosting provider, which means they are provided with exclusive use of the server’s resources.

The provider will then give the client the CPU, RAM, and disk space they need to operate online optimally.

The service provider will also build and maintain the server thus eliminating the need for the client to buy a server.  

Here are some of the most common reasons a dedicated server would be the best option.  

1. Server resources are not shared 

One of the greatest advantages of using a dedicated server is that you will have sole access to the server’s resources.

This means you will never compete with other websites that can clog up the RAM and CPU of the server.

You will also never have to worry that base scripts from other websites will be causing issues that can affect your online operations.  

2. Enhanced performance and security 

Using a dedicated server also means that you will enjoy maximum uptime. While shared hosting will be ok for those online businesses with low to medium traffic, those that will see above-average levels of online traffic enjoy greater stability and reliability if their operations are kept on a dedicated server that comes from a dedicated server.  

More importantly, you never know who your neighbors could be in a shared service. Malicious websites and spammers can cause serious issues for the online operations of their neighbors.

Dedicated hosting means greater security, which is especially important to companies that conduct sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.  

3. Flexibility 

Dedicated servers also provide the online business with greater flexibility when customizing the server to the specific needs they have for disk space, software, CPU, and RAM.

On a shared hosting setup, the customer will be limited to the operating environment and software already loaded to the server.

This means they may be limited to the software they do not need or software that lacks the things they do need.  

A dedicated server allows the customer to operate in a customizable environment that can be adjusted to best suit their needs.

They can choose from the platforms and software available to them and this will provide them with more control over how their server will be set up and configured.  

4. Unique IP address 

Each server has its unique IP address, unlike shared websites which have to share the IP address with all other websites on the server.

This means that if one of your neighbors is launching spam campaigns from your shared IP address, you can be penalized along with the guilty party.  

5. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment 

If a business needs a server all to itself but lacks the resources or time to manage its server, dedicated hosting is the most logical option.

A dedicated server will handle the costs of building and maintaining the server and the equipment needed. This can reduce the overhead for the business and improve the return on investment.

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