What Are The Benefits Of Investing in Personalized Number Plates?

Personalized Number Plates

Personalized license plates have grown steadily in popularity over the years that they have been available to private individuals.

People buy private registration numbers to give their cars a unique personal touch by using their initials or names, or to mark a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. Others like displaying humorous plates while businesses can use them as a tool for marketing.

Personalized number plates for sale in the UK sell for as little as £150 up to hundreds of thousands of pounds and, over recent years, have come to be recognized as a great investment opportunity. Private plates, however, can also offer several other benefits. Let’s look at what buying a personalized license plate can do for you.

1. Private Plates Never Wear Out

The appeal of personalized license plates grows with their value. The price of some private registrations has steadily risen, particularly for the much sought-after type of plates with fewer digits.

This proves that they can be a wise investment and unlike some luxury items, you can proudly display your private plate as much as you like and they won’t ever get old or tarnish.

2.  Conceal the Age of Your car

The standard license plates issued by the DVLA have age identifiers that show the year of first registration. While you cannot display plates that make your car appear newer than its actual age, many personalized number plates hide the age of your car and give it a classic and ageless appearance.

3. Personalize Your Number Plates to Your Business

Any advertising is good if you run a business and personalized license plates can be an excellent way to promote your trade or business.

Personalized license plates can also help you develop a strong brand and create awareness of your company. If you have business-related license plates on your company vehicles, they will be recognized in your local area and beyond.

4.  Personalized License Plates May Deter Criminals

While personalized license plates cannot physically prevent a determined criminal from actually stealing your car, they can still serve as a strong deterrent.

Certain vehicles almost always seem to be targets for theft, but you would imagine that most organized criminals prefer being as anonymous as possible and blend into the background. 

Private license plates do invariably stand out from the crowd, which means that your vehicle would potentially be left alone while the criminal tries their luck elsewhere.

5. Marking a Special Occasion

With the wide selection of license plates available today, you are sure to find a combination of both letters and numbers that suit a special occasion.

For an anniversary or wedding, you could look for plates that have both of the couple’s initials along with the relevant year.

In August 2021, staff at the Stagecoach bus company in Barrow, Cumbria found a touching way to commemorate Ray Jones, a long-serving colleague, who had died.

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They contributed to buy the personalized license plate “BA60 RAY”, which will be displayed on one of the company’s buses. BA is for Barrow, 60 was the year the driver’s year of birth and his age when he died while Ray is his name.