What are the different types of EMR software?

EMR Software

With the increasing digitalization of the economy and society, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is an absolute necessity in today’s fast-changing world.

It ensures proper management and a better work environment, especially for healthcare institutions, because it eliminates the hassle of maintaining paper records whilst reducing the potential of human errors.

The EMR software provides a hassle-free experience of accessing digital records and increases the efficiency of the medical institutions by reducing the manpower.

Doing so saves time and money. The doctors, nurses as well as patients can access these records, bill payments, old paper charts without rummaging a pile of dusted patient records and files.

Some of the best Healthcare Consulting Firms in India have already started investing in EMR software. These are some of the different types of EMR software that might help you make an informed decision, 

Medical billing Software

Apart from improving patient care, this software helps in digitalizing the entire process of billing and processing claims, verifying those insurance claims, and eases the process of following them up.

It reduces the workload of the administrative sector and eliminates the scope of human error. Such software systems, when mingled with the EMR, neatly arrange the financial details of each and every patient. It saves time and ultimately improves efficiency.

Cloud-based EMR Software

This is a web-based system and is one of the affordable options, perfect for healthcare institutions that have just begun to work with EMR software.

It helps in accessing the data online, and the digital records are saved on the ’cloud’, implying that you get ample storage space to keep records and arrange patient statements and their individual treatment history neatly.

It is also known as Software-as-a-service (SaaS), so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of maintaining and updating these systems because the software providers do that for you. 

ONC – Certified EMR Software

Many Healthcare Consulting Firms in India do opt for the ONC Certified Software because it fulfils the requirements set by the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

It ensures the confidentiality of patient records and secures the storage of the same. It is tested and authorized by the ONC so, a lot of healthcare institutions rely on it for proper and useful use of medical information.

It provides the institutions with plans authorized by the ONC to improve the quality of patient care, which includes separate patient portals, generating quality and individualized care reports, and much more. It helps in improving the overall quality of patient treatment and care coordination.

Behavioral/Mental Health EMR software

These Software systems are quite different from the others and are specifically engineered to understand the problems that are faced by the Mental Health care systems.

It caters to the needs of therapists, mental health clinics and not just comes in handy in the field of clinical psychology but also for counsellors. Keeping track of the history, the individual’s background is all taken care of with the help of this EMR software.

The management of these notes and proper framing of the points over the period of various sessions becomes hassle-free and easy to access.

MAC EMR Software

This software system is exclusively compatible with Apple devices because Apple does have specific operating systems that might not support any other software and processors.

It can be accessed by any Apple device with the internet and is helpful in improving the care coordination between the healthcare institutions and their patients.

Clinical Research EMR

Such EMR Software is essential and an absolute necessity to aid the proper functioning of clinical research.

As a field of practice, it requires an ample amount of research data, and this software system provides storage solutions to access and store large files and data.

It also categorically arranges the various conduct trials, their effectiveness, the new therapies, the patient’s response to them in a fairly easy manner.

It is a digital equivalent of long paper records but without any hassle. The information can also be accessed by different health sectors, hence creating a platform ideal for the meaningful distribution of medical information. 

These were some of the different EMR Software that might ease and perhaps revolutionize the administrative, financing, and clinical departments of the healthcare institutions.

It is an all-in-one solution that can completely change the way in which medical institutions work.

It is a one-time investment that might help you in providing better patient care, coordination among different health sectors, and hassle-free for your employees and as well as the patients.

Today a lot of Healthcare Consulting Firms in India have started adopting the EMR Software models to improve the quality of care coordination in their institutions.

It is a wonderful way to maximize the profits of digitalization and improve the quality of patient care given in India. 

About Author: Hahish Bansal: 23 year experience in Healthcare, Founder & CEO at ComHes, a leading Healthcare Marketing & Communication Company and providing Patient Acquisition & Revenue Enhancement, end-to-end Healthcare services, Strategy Planning, Business Transformation, Market Research, and Digital Marketing.

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