What Can Indian Online Education Take From African Countries?

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What Can Indian Online Education Take From African Countries?

The world faces many challenges in developing education levels, accessibility, and quality in developing countries.

There are huge problems to solve because of a lack of demographic, and financial resources. The hardest situation is in Asian and African countries, where education is less priority because of huge financial struggles and high rates of poverty.

Many Asian or African countries also face societal problems, gender equality, and cultural aspects. But today we will not talk about it as it is very sensitive and requires a description of long and complicated searches.

Today our main focus will be on the quality and accessibility of education in African countries and in India.

Today there is a trend that many African students continue learning in India. On the other hand, India struggles with many physical or online educational challenges which need to be solved.

There is an opinion that they can take some good aspects from African countries. We will talk deeper about it later.

Online Education in Africa – Challenges and Prospects

Online education is becoming more and more popular across the world and African countries are no exception. Even though they face tons of challenges, quality improvement is obvious.

This is mostly due to the high demand from society. Africans prefer to learn through online resources, authoring tools, and useful educational materials remotely. Mostly they use smartphones for that.

The main challenge of online education in Africa is internet accessibility. Those who do not live in African developing countries or cities have no access to the internet.

So they are not able to learn or work remotely. As you may know, there are some essential projects started which aim to maximize the availability of good internet connections in most African countries.

Those who have internet access simply can learn many professions and topics for free or at an affordable price.

It is not only about self-learning but in African universities too. More specifically, many African universities started to organize students’ work on different online platforms such as Sakai, Moodle, and many others.

This is much more convenient for students as they will be more informed about their work as well as teachers.

In addition, they have many online universities which are extremely popular among African students. The biggest online university in Africa as well as in the world is called TECH which includes more than 10 000 different programs, available in many languages.

Focusing on online education will help Africa to support their population to educate quickly and well. So their choice is very effective if we consider financial challenges and other problems faced across the continent.

Main Challenges in the Educational System of India

African countries are not the only ones where education, whether it be primary school or university, is facing many challenges.

The same and even harder situation can be described in the example of India. The main problem India faces, different from Africa, is the extremely increasing population with a reduced number of vital resources.

The poverty rate is very high and the country faces huge problems connected to the availability of freshwater or food.

So it is not surprising that the educational system struggles financially too. Most Indian children do not know reading or writing.

They do not have access to schools and universities. Similar to Africa, not only finances but gender discrimination and wrong traditions also play a huge role in low education.

Internet access is also a huge problem in India. For other challenges, we can also note many technical issues, lack of translated digital literacy, lack of interactivity and knowledge of using online materials, as well as lack of motivation.

Those who have internet access or can study in universities mostly select foreign educational institutions.

A very interesting trend in Indian education is that most of the students choose medical fields to study and also they are very concentrated on grades. Too much pressure on grades and rating education quality according to exam scores is not right and fair.

Indian and African Online Education – What Can India Learn?

As you can see, both areas face huge challenges when it comes to online as well as physical education. Even though they are not able to solve financial and social problems very soon, there are some aspects that might reduce the intensity of problems.

Africa learned how to do that. Countries focused on online education as it was more financially accessible.

They also give interested people the opportunity to learn about any of the professions and do not only concentrate on trendy ones.

The same can-do India too. They are mostly focused on physical education which is hard to manage because of problems.

If they create some massive online platforms or e-universities, more people will be able to find something interesting to learn and manage learning in a more flexible way.

Having only foreign online educational resources is not enough because many of them are not available in Hindi.

If India creates a massive online university like TECH in Africa, people who only speak Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, or similar languages, will be able to get educated.

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