What Equipment Can Haul Materials Around Your Construction Site

What Equipment Can Haul Materials Around Your Construction Site

Working on a construction site means that you’ll likely need to haul a lot of heavy equipment and building materials back and forth wherever they may be needed.

Obviously, this is impossible to do on your own with just your bare hands. Instead, you’re going to want to use different types of machinery designed to carry heavy loads both long and short distances.

Below is a list of equipment meant to do the heavy lifting for you and how they can best be utilized to make your job that much easier.


Cranes play a crucial role in moving and hauling construction equipment. In fact, that’s their entire job. Cranes are used to lift massive building material, hoists, and drilling supplies, whatever is needed for the job that day. With the right cables and rigging, they can even be used to move any soil that may be in the way.

There are two types of cranes that you and your team can use. The first is the fixed cranes are built on top of steel towers and they are ideal for carrying large loads to high locations.

This means you’ve likely seen them while high-rise buildings were being built, or really any building with more than one floor.

Secondly, there are the mobile cranes can be placed on trucks, flat cars, and other platforms. These are perfect for moving ordinary construction materials and allow you to reposition the crane to move it closer or farther from the materials and the project. This can be great if you need the crane to hold something up as it’s installed.


Bulldozers can be used to loosen up any hard soil, create temporary roads so it’s easier for your crew to know where to go and what areas to stay out of, and shift dirt around your construction site.

A bulldozer is ideal for moving material on any rough terrain where regular trucks would have a difficult time operating.

They can also be used to effectively knock down various walls or obstacles that might be in the way of a project, such as if you’re working on a remodel or tearing a building down. Overall, bulldozers are versatile and useful machines.

Bulldozers come in two categories. The first is a wheel-based bulldozer which works perfectly on bumpy roads.

They’re also able to travel much faster than their counterpart, meaning you can through more quickly. On the other hand, a track-based bulldozer provides traction while moving materials in muddy or sandy areas thanks to the caterpillar tracks they’re fitted with.

This means you can move heavy materials around even after heavy rain or when the weather turns snowy.


Tractors are one of the classic workhorses of hauling equipment. Easy to operate, they come in a wide range of sizes, models, and makes.

Because they’re so versatile, they can do almost any job or handle hauling almost any load simply because you can attach backhoes, buckets, and quick hitches to them.

Tractors may move slowly, but they have the power to pull or push other construction equipment that might be difficult to move otherwise.

Tractors are a must-have for all construction projects that require hauling heavy materials, even in addition to the other machines included in this list.

Dump Trailers

Last but not least, you have dump trailers. Renting or purchasing a dump trailer from your local trailer provider, such as Top Shelf Trailers, gives you access to a valuable tool when it comes to moving materials across construction sites.

A dump trailer makes it easier for you to haul and dump things like dirt or debris. Without the ability to easily dump materials, you will need to load and unload things by hand, which quickly consumes time and labor.

Dump trailers can double as on-site dumpsters. A construction company might rent a dumpster or two for their job site.

One is for heavy debris, and the other would be for lightweight trash. Using a dumpster service seems convenient at the outset. However, it becomes costly over time.

With dump trailers, you or your employees can drive to the site in the morning, detach the trailer back in the afternoon, and take it to the landfill. This saves you money and guarantees that your dumpster is where you need it to be at all times.

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All major construction projects require hauling heavy materials. Working with the right heavy hauling company can save you money and ensure that you get your project done right and on schedule.