What is a Sports Watch?

Sports Watch

If you think of sports like Formula 1, chances are you saw a watch on the driver. This is also prevalent in water sports like diving and swimming.

Sometimes, even triathletes have watches on their wrist as the games start. This is because sports watches are a staple in many sports and athletes’ overall wear. Because of this, some athletes endorse sports watches for their high-quality work on the playing field.

Fortunately, sports watches are also worn by people who love the aesthetic. While it has quality-of-life features that improve accuracy, it brings people to an active lifestyle.

Watchmakers create sports watches because they have a demand, and it can further improve the watch as a whole.

Have this guide help you understand how a sports watch works.

What Is A Sports Watch Exactly?

A sports watch is a rugged and water-resistant timepiece that improves the user’s quality of life. It can include an alarm clock, heart rate monitor, tide indicator, and many more features.

Since there are many different sports watches, some timepieces are only available for specific sports. For example, the Seiko Prospex is a popular swimmer’s watch best used for deepsea diving and recreational swimming.

The sports watch can withstand the natural elements. Be it rock, sand, water, or wind, the timepiece can still work after a long workout.

The thicker a sports watch is, the better the quality of the product. If you have a sports watch that is not as water-resistant, its lifespan will be shorter. Therefore, you should get a timepiece with good water resistance to work in ideal conditions.

Features Of A Sports Watch

As with any timepiece, the sports watch has signature features. If the watch you have does not have any of them, it is another traditional watch instead.

Here are the most common features of a sports watch.

  • Bezel – The bezel is the first thing that sports watches have. You can see the 15, 30, and 45 numbers on the bezel if you focus your attention by the second. Around it, there are clear markings to let you know how much time passed.
  • Case – The case is what keeps the sports watch together. Most cases are thick by default since the watch will go through many elements. The thicker the case, the more durable the sports watch.
  • Compass – If you are a triathlete, a compass will help you reach the finish line. However, not all sports watches have a compass available. This helps you if you are lost on the way or if you want to get back on track.
  • Height Measurements – This feature is most useful if you are into hiking. Since you are climbing up as high as you can, it will let you know how far you are. Most measurements will differ depending on the model.
  • Date & Time – You will see the date and time on the watch’s dial. The format follows a day and month format, but it is rare to include the year. While an afterthought, it also helps you know the actual day. 

Wrapping Up

A sports watch is an upgraded version of a traditional watch made for active use. It is water-resistant, and it is made to withstand various elements.

You can get this watch whether you want to start your active life or have a companion on your wrist. Ultimately, this timepiece is the best accessory for any sport you can think of.

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