What is an Automatic Girth Welder and should your contractor company use it?

What Is an Automatic Girth Welder and Should Your Contractor Company Use It

As a contractor, you know time is money when you and your crew are on a job. To make the most profits and maximize your ability to complete more jobs, it is important to have equipment that allows you to have the greatest efficiency.

When it comes to welding, an automatic girth welder is a must-have for your company. If you are curious as to why your company should invest in this piece of equipment, here are some of its most important benefits.

What Does the Automatic Girth Welder Do?

This unique piece of welding equipment, which is also known as a 3 o’clock welder, is important due to its ability to complete various welding tasks extremely fast.

Specifically, this welder performs x-ray quality horizontal welds at a rate up to 20 times quicker than standard manual welding techniques.

Used primarily when welding storage tanks, the AGW can cut in-field welding times for your company by more than 40 percent.

Employee Safety

When your company is working on large storage tanks that need to be welded during the course of repairs, employee safety can be a concern.

In many cases, one of your employees may have to perform welding while working in a small, cramped space that is very awkward in which to operate. Rather than risk your employee’s safety, you can instead use an automatic girth welder for these tasks.

Convenience on the Job

When you are performing repairs on a large storage tank, having to take time to move the tank so that maintenance tasks can be performed on it can be a waste of time and money for your company.

By using an automatic girth welder, tanks can be worked on exactly where they are, since the AGW is usually situated on rollers, making it easy to move to almost any location.

Greater Accuracy with Welds

If you have one of your employees working on a storage tank in a small, cramped space, there is always the chance their welds may not be done as well as needed.

The AGW is designed so that it can be set directly on the tank so that it follows a specific track to create a strong seal.

Made to go completely around a tank so that it returns to its starting point, the AGW ensures much greater accuracy in the field.

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If you choose to invest in an automatic girth welder and train several of your employees in its operation, you will quickly see the difference in terms of job efficiency and company profits.