What is an AWS course for beginners?


What is an AWS course for beginners?

Cloud Computing has experienced enormous and rapid growth in recent years. And Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has become one of the most in-demand skills in the technological field.

It is not surprising because AWS is probably the oldest and most significant public cloud provider. Above all, several companies, big and small, have efficiently hosted their solution on AWS.

Enthusiasts can enroll themselves in the AWS free course and pave the way for landing well-paid jobs. Besides, they can also acquire the best skills and show their clients that they have knowledge about AWS.

Amazon Web Services has the biggest collection of services on the AWS marketplace. This provides organizations and individuals with numerous innovative techniques and tools for deploying or migrating their entire infrastructure on the AWS platform.

Since Cloud is the key priority for many organizations, the demand for AWS-certified professionals will only grow. This means there’s an excellent opportunity for all experienced IT professionals.

Further, they can switch carers and opt for a more lucrative field. This article will give you valuable insights into the AWS course for beginners. While you dig further, you will learn the reasons for pursuing this course. Let’s get started.

Overview of Amazon Web Services

Simplilearn, the pioneering educational institution, offers free AWS training. It is meant for those beginners who have a keen interest in learning AWS. The course makes its journey through a wide array of tools on the AWS cloud platform.

Further, the platform will give you training so that you can efficiently develop scalable fault-tolerant SaaS applications. And at the end of this free AWS course, the learners can easily handle numerous AWS projects.

The AWS course has a duration of 11 hours and consists of self-paced video lessons. You will be granted 90 days of access to your free course. And once you have completed your course, you will be awarded a completion certificate.

Who should enroll in the AWS Course?

The AWS course offered by Simplilearn is specifically meant for beginners. However, certain other professionals who are willing to switch their jobs can also pursue this course.

Here we have listed some of the professionals who should enroll themselves in the AWS course:

  • Programmers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Cloud Software Engineers
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Professionals

Skills covered in AWS Course

The AWS course offered by Simplilearn covers an enormous area. Here, we have listed some of the most commendable skills that you will learn through this course:

  • Security foundations
  • Data storage fundamentals
  • Cloud Specific patterns and technologies
  • AWS service selection
  • AWS Cloud architecture

What will you learn in the AWS Course?

When you start with the AWS course of Simplilearn, you will learn various things. Here we have enlisted all the things that you will learn in the AWS course:

  • Introduction
  • AWS and its Uses
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS and its Features
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • AWS Router 53
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • AWS Sagemaker
  • CloudFront
  • Autoscaling
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Kubernetes on AWS
  • How to Become a Solutions Architect?
  • AWS Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1
  • AWS Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2
  • Knowledge Check

What are the career opportunities associated with AWS?

Once you have completed the AWS course of Simplilearn, you can become an AWS Solutions Architect.

The average salary in this profession ranges from Rs. 694K to Rs. 3M per annum. And the hiring companies are Microsoft and Amazon.

Reasons to enroll and learn AWS

If you are willing to pursue an AWS course, now is the right time to do so. There are a plethora of employment opportunities. And when you have a valid AWS certification, you can seamlessly commence your own business.

With an AWS certification at your disposal, you will be put way ahead in the competition. Also, it will enable you to fast-track your goals for gaining an advantage in your business and career.

If you are looking forward to building your career as a cloud professional, you need to pursue the AWS course.

Here are the most commendable reasons why you should consider learning AWS:

  • Being an expert in Cloud Computing is quite inevitable for IT professionals.
  • Cloud migration of enterprises to AWS has increased considerably.
  • AWS is an enormously used platform in Cloud Adoption.
  • AWS is regarded as the fastest-growing public Cloud service.
  • The demand for AWS skills is consistently outstripping supply.
  • AWS comes with very affordable pricing and has free-tier access.
  • AWS certification validates both credibility and expertise.
  • There are abundant AWS learning resources.
  • AWS hosts a plethora of specialty learning paths.
  • All AWS skills are very well compensated.

Is it worthwhile to enroll in an AWS Course?

It is true that AWS certifications are way better than most other certificates. And it doesn’t only look good on your resume but can considerably boost the salary you command. There are plenty of AWS certifications capable of pulling in an average salary of more than $100,00.

If you are looking forward to pursuing cloud computing as your career option, then an AWS certification is worth it.

AWS certifications help open several new doors, giving you an advantage over others. You can start from zero and learn many things you were unfamiliar with.

To conclude,

If you are planning to learn Cloud Computing, an AWS course is the best way to start. Amazon Web Services is an excellent way to commence your career in Cloud Computing. This course will provide not only aid in your current job but also the outside world.

Amazon Web Service Fundamentals are extremely useful for beginners and intermediate AWS developers.

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