What is automation in sending emails? Email Marketing Guide

What is automation in sending emails Email Marketing Guide

Email marketing is undeniably effective; it can generate up to a 4,200 percent return on investment and is six times more effective than tweeting at garnering clicks.

However, sending emails manually will prevent you from reaching the full potential that email marketing offers.

It is extremely time-consuming and email open rates vary greatly, based on factors ranging from when this email was received to whether or not it is personalized.

If you distribute emails manually, you may not always be available to send them at the ideal time in order to spark interest in your audience.

You may also not have the time to customize the subject or body of each email for each recipient on your distribution list.

You’ll save your team a lot of time and work by automating email distribution, and you’ll be able to reach out to potential customers at the correct moment.

This article describes how email automation works, why it’s useful, and how to include it into your marketing plan.

What is automation in sending emails?

Email marketing automation, often known as email automation, is the process of sending emails to many recipients automatically, tracking data about who opened them, and tailoring the content for each possible consumer.

It ensures that each receiver receives the appropriate message at the appropriate moment, increasing engagement and lowering costs.

Email automation needs to be integrated with other sales and marketing tools to get the best results.

By integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) software that keeps track of customer data and preferences, you can automatically customize the content of email messages based on relevant data such as For example, a customer’s purchase history.

Email automation can also be used in conjunction with marketing analytics solutions to track things like who opened an email and who clicked on links within it. 

Advantages of automation in sending emails

Automation in sending emails enables a number of opportunities that would not be available with manual email sending:

Scalability – When email marketing is automated, reaching thousands of potential customers is just as easy as a dozen.

Higher ROI: Automation in sending emails allows you to take full advantage of the spectacular ROI that is specifically available through email marketing. On average, the ROI of email marketing is 122%, although it can reach 4200%, as noted above.

Increased engagement: Marketers who use email sending automation to deliver emails at optimal times, such as when recipients first sit down in the morning to check their inboxes, are better positioned to achieve higher levels of customer engagement.

Efficiency: By removing the need for marketers to manually prepare and send each email, automation makes email marketing much more effective.

Automation campaigns for sending emails

Email automation can be used to support a number of goals and address common marketing pain points.

Maturing of prospects

The maturation of potential customers, caring for and strengthening relationships with the people who have entered your sales funnel as potential customers, is essential to maximize conversion rates. Companies that excel at maturing prospects get 50% more sales while spending 33% less.

Email marketing is a great way to mature prospects in all phases of the sales funnel and stay in touch with them until the sale is closed.

You can send follow-up emails when a prospect first fills out a web form showing interest in your product, and send more emails when a prospect has completed a call from the sales team or watched a product demo.

Manually maturing a prospect via email takes a significant amount of time and effort. Most sales teams lack the resources to craft a personalised email every time someone signs up to learn more about your product.

However, thanks to email automation, it is now very simple to send personalised emails efficiently.

Incremental sale

Email is also a great way to connect with existing customers to promote new or expanded offers.

By using templates, you can automatically email customers using a version of your product to explain why they should consider upgrading.

You could also use automated and personalized emails to announce a new product that is similar to one that customers have purchased in the past.

Here again, the ability to personalize each email, as well as react more quickly whenever an upsell opportunity arises, is something that would not be possible with manual emailing.


Email automation speeds and simplifies emailing new prospects when they first share contact information with you.

Welcome emails help get the relationship going and solidify the new prospect. They also help rank prospects by encouraging them to share more information that you can use to determine if the prospect fits what you are selling.

Welcome emails should generally be short and direct. You don’t want to overwhelm a new prospect with so much information that reading email becomes a cumbersome task.

It is also essential that the welcome email includes information on what the prospect needs to do next to continue the customer journey, such as setting up a product demo or downloading more information about the offers.


Email is a convenient way to publicize new products, sales, and other types of promotions. You can target promotional emails to both prospects and existing customers, and by taking advantage of email sending automation, you can also personalize promotional emails.

For example, when sending this type of email to a customer, you can include information about their specific purchase history to highlight why they might be interested in your promotion.


Email also offers a method of contacting customers whenever they reach a milestone, such as the first year of operation with your company.

You can also send emails on the occasion of clients’ birthdays and other special events. Emails like these will help maintain a personal engagement with clients for the long term.

Shopping cart abandonment

The average shopping cart abandonment rate (that is, when a shopper adds an item to their cart online but leaves the site before making a purchase) is around 70%. For marketers, this represents a great opportunity to increase sales by persuading these customers to come back and make a purchase.

Gathering Feedback

Email automation isn’t just about communicating information to customers. It is also a tool to interact with customers, requesting their comments in a personalized way that, through other channels, would be difficult to reach.

For example, you can send emails asking customers to write a review about the experience of a product or brand.

An automated email can follow up on customers who have expressed positive or negative feelings about their purchase and invite them to provide further details via an email form.

Design of an automation strategy for sending emails

To get the most out of your email automation, you need to integrate it into a broader marketing automation solution.

Tools that merely automate email distribution do not give the additional details that marketers require to tailor and analyze email marketing campaigns on their own.

You’ll need a full marketing automation platform that can streamline your email automation while also providing consumer segmentation and analytics.

Collecting and analyzing automated email metrics is critical. You need to know how many customers open your email, how many follow the call to action that it includes, and so on.

By tracking this data and evaluating how it varies when you make changes to your emails, you can test and improve your marketing emails over time.

Personalization is also essential for effective email campaigns. This is not simply about making sure the recipient’s name is included, but rather ensuring that emails are created from an address with a personal touch, such as the name of someone in your marketing department, rather than a generic address such as marketing.

@ yourcompany.com. Segmenting emails by sending different content to recipients based on their geographic location is also a great way to personalize emails.

Finally, here are some best practices to follow when preparing automated emails:

  • Include a custom subject.
  • Make sure the content of the email is short and easy to understand, even for readers who glance at it without reading all the words or all the paragraphs.
  • Include a clear call to action that describes the step the reader should take in response to the email.
  • Test email to make sure it displays correctly on different email devices and applications.

Creating email campaigns with the right tool

Email automation is an efficient way to get the most out of email marketing without spending a lot of time writing and personalizing emails.

It increases engagement and improves ROI by making email marketing more scalable. Higher a good Digital Marketing Agency to resolve your email problems easily. Marke to Engage has all of the tools you’ll need to get the most out of email automation.

This solution fuels your emails with all your marketing data and provides easy customer segmentation, so you can tailor emails to each potential customer.

It also includes built-in testing features to optimize email marketing effectiveness. And because it doesn’t require a lot of custom programming, it allows you to engage with customers via email whenever necessary, without having to wait for the programming team to generate the automations you need.

By Anji Kahler: Anji writes for Technical, Digital marketing, and SEO-related topics additionally; she has had a passion for the technology industry for more than ten years, Anji has become an experienced technical writer in this industry.

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