B2B Business Model: What do you mean by the Business to Business (B2B) model?

B2B business model

B2B Business Model: What is Business to Business (B2B) Model?

The world is changing rapidly with the advancement of technology and innovations. There was a time when businesses were carried out with just a table and a chair and with all the limited resources available.

Earlier, businesses used to be the consumer and the provider. As time evolves, enormous changes are happening around the world.

People never even imagined that businesses too can become customers. Now, as the time has changed that businesses involve online presence too.   

Therefore, B2B is a business model where business transactions happen between two business owners. B2B is a business model where generally the exchange of goods and services takes place between two or more businesses.

In simple terms, you can say a wholesaler and a retailer are doing trade. Sometimes, it is also when a manufacturing company buys its raw materials from another company. So, any business conducted between one business to another is called a B2B business model. 

For example, there are online platforms like Amazon that are the customers for the B2B business model where they conduct the entire business online.

This business model is evolving rapidly to achieve success in the business and earn huge profits. These models are basically utilized by organizations to trade the raw materials to produce finished goods.

The B2B service also runs similarly to how a normal business functions. The differentiating factor is that you don’t deal with direct customers for the raw materials or the finished goods sold by you.

The top 10 B2B companies in India

There are a number of companies doing B2B business in India. The few top successful B2B businesses of India are listed below.

These companies have the top B2B portal running smoothly on their own in India. If you consider the B2B business model, all you can think of is the following top companies earning huge profits from the B2B business.

1. Nowcalls24:

NowCalls24 is your One-stop solution for Problems like online ticket bookings for movies, buses, flights, hotels, events, etc., doing online shopping at huge discounts, ordering food, grocery, and medicines, Applying for jobs, Business listings, and much more.

No matter how big your problem is, here, it can be solved in a few easy steps coz at NowCalls24 “Bada Aasan Hai”.

2. Indiamart:

Indiamart is also a great B2B servicing online portals for the suppliers and buyers in India. It is an online platform allowing the buy and selling of wholesale products.

It connects the seller and the buyer directly avoiding any middleman margin. This Company was founded in 1996 by the Agarwal founders. They are slightly different as they concentrate on linking the manufacturers to the buyers of India.

3. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the world’s top B2B service providers. It enables a market for global wholesale trade. It is a good company especially for to business-to-business model.

They are an expert in connecting wholesale buyers and suppliers. They take orders only in bulk quantities.

Alibaba is a  Chinese multinational company doing a very successful business online, especially for manufacturers.

4. Trade India:

Trade India offers the business community a huge opportunity to grow globally. It is the largest B2B marketplace in India.

This company has a variety of category-based customers like wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, etc.

It is well-known for its trade shows and solutions for all online businesses. Moreover, they have won the prestigious award for the best B2B service for India as well as global businesses.

5. Exporters India:

It is a company started by Sunil Kumar Gupta in 1997 for B2B online trading portal. It carters its customers by providing smooth and guaranteed sales of its products.

It provides the customers with a new world of trade opportunities on an online platform. It has trusted buyers and sellers to carry out excellent services throughout the year.

6. Jimtrade :

So, this B2B business model concentrates on Indian products for worldwide marketing. It facilitates global bade especially for the Indian market.

It provides all the necessary information about the Indian products to the supplier. It is the one station for all the Indian Sellers to find trade and the best destination for businesses interested in Indian products.

7. EIndia business:

eindiabussiness.com is an online customer-oriented company for small and startup companies. It also provides business opportunities to the sellers to capture a market globally.

Similarly, it provides a one-stop market for buyers. E-India business was founded by Vinayak Sinha, an entrepreneur with big dreams and innovations.

8. Global trade bazaar:

It is a B2B servicing company managed by Webecom Media Private Limited. It is an intermediary between the buyer and the seller for global trade opportunities.

It has the best portal that is well-organized and very easy to interpret.  It is a similar platform for buyers! and buyers to interact smoothly to carry out profitable businesses.

9. DHgate:

It is also another B2B website for popular trading in the Asian regions. It is a china-based company to connect the buyers and sellers in an online marketplace. Moreover, they have multiple ranges of products and to date, it is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms in China.

10. Eworld Trade:

Further, this is a company that hosts a global marketplace for electronics. This enables the buyers and sellers to connect online to meet the potential demands of customers.

Just like a retail market selling Chinese electronics, Eworld Trade provides an online platform to connect the manufacturers and sellers directly.

The list of B2B portals in India

  1. Amazon
  2. Tradeindia
  3. Nowcalls24
  4. Indiabusiness
  5. Alibaba
  6. Exporters India
  7. Indiamart
  8. DHgate
  9. 99business.com
  10.  Eworld trade

You can pretty well grow your business

while to you choose the business-to you business model, it is pretty clear that there is growth and chance of earning money. So, the tips that helps you grow you b2b business are listed below:

  • You can choose B2B company to avail the best services in the market. Use the social media platforms to learn more about the competitions for the same product or the category.
  • Learn to build or showcase the highlighting and differentiating factor of your company. It is always important to find out the USP of the company before starting it.
  • Always rely on research and henceforth, do take the process of collecting data and being aware more seriously for better business results.
  • Improve your long-term ideas for better future achievements. Further, develop your B2B sales for better results and to reach the targets bitterly.

Some of the B2B marketing companies in India

B2B marketing refers to the process of selling retail goods and services to other businesses or companies.

The decision of buying the product or service completely depends on the other business entity involved in the trade.

So, the marketing of the products of one business to another business is called B2B marketing. There are many companies in India that do such operations. The top B2B marketing company are:

  1. Viral nation
  2. Clay
  3. Jellyfish
  4. Sociallyin
  5. Bader Rutter.

Thus, this article gives an idea about the business-to-business model and the working and the top companies in India. Business to Business becomes the most common type of business model used by manufacturers and retailers.

Though there is no direct connection between the actual customers, the buyers become the consumers to them.

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