What is Bitcoin Prime? Is Bitcoin Legal or not?


Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading robot. It targets online trading all over the world according to the investment of its investors automatically.

Whenever it finds any proper space, it starts working on your behalf. It is also known as a trading robot which is effectively designed according to the rules and regulations of online trading.

It works on an algorithm which is highly different from others and targets your investments with 14 different cryptocurrencies. 

How can I make investments?

Other trading sites do not allow investments from any type of debit, ATM, or visa card. Bitcoin Prime offers its investor to invest from any type of card.

Whether it is visa cards or debit cards. Investments are free in Bitcoin Prime. No extra or advance charges are required on the first investment. So investments can be done through:

  • Master Card
  • Visa Card
  • Maestro
  • Bank Transfers

Is registration easy or not?

The registration process is not too long. It does not require any bank details or other resources. Beginners, as well as professionals, can register themselves by putting only minor details:

  • User’s Identity
  • User’s Contact No.

You just need to click on our official site Bitcoin Prime. After just one click the system will ask you to put the following mentioned personal details and your account will be activated.

No doubt Bitcoin Prime is meant according to the demands and necessities of beginners. So it never allows you to pass through any long and difficult process.

What is a demo account?

After clicking on create account through our official site system will activate your demo account is also known as a fake account.

The demo account system will allow you to make fake investments to learn trading processes and techniques.

Bitcoin prime (automated robot) will find free space in the trading market and then according to your entered amount, will start trading automatically on your behalf.

How much time will it take to activate?

It will take almost 25-30 minutes for its optimization. Beginners would be able to enjoy their online trading in just a few without. A Bitcoin Prime will pick your investment and target trading around the world.

Beginners along with professionals enjoy the same features of Bitcoin Prime and its all other services. Other sites require a time minimum of 24-48 hours to activate your account but Bitcoin Prime is quite easy and efficient to use and learn.

How much investment is required?

Bitcoin Prime does not charge you high investments. You just have to invest a minimum amount of 250$.

This small investment is then further delivered to Bitcoin Prime for the trading, drop is always difficult but once you invest on this platform then you would be able to enjoy the whole fruit through profits and earnings.

What is a win rate? Most online trading platforms never claim you have a high win rate and investors are always at loss risks? Those sites just make their earnings under the guise of high payments and fake certified notifications.

Bitcoin Prime offers its investors a 90%-win rate with a 0% loss rate. It is a bit of truth that trading is a risky process but Bitcoin Prime will never let your investments down at any cost.

No fake commitments or profits. This 100% certified and trusted platform for all types of investors.

What would be the commission?

Only 2% commission is charged on profitable accounts. No extra fees or commission is charged on any account.

The other 98% profit would be yours. Bitcoin Prime would trade on your behalf out of any type of charge.

On every withdrawal, no extra tax is charged. Competent trading sites claim extra charges on large payments and even on the first payment but Bitcoin Prime never asks you to do so.


Withdrawals can be made 24/7. No limited or specific time. Once you get any profit, you can make transactions at any time.

Transactions can be done through a visa, debit card, or A, TM, and also make bank transactions easily. Along with it, other trading apps claim that withdrawals cannot be done before 24 hours or 48 hours after verifications. More than 10 transactions are free per month. And this opportunity is also offered only by Bitcoin Prime.

Is Bitcoin Legal or not?

This question is frequently asked by most investors. Bitcoin Prime is a 100% certified and trusted platform. Millions of investors are earning and enjoying its services and profits.

The owner of this platform is well known and one of the richest people in the world. Since 2019 it is considered the top-ranking trading platform all over the world.

People from all over the world are investing billions of their dollars and enjoying it with a 90%-win rate.

Does it provide complete security?

The most wonderful feature of this amazing trading platform is its security process. It never compromises the security of its investors at any cost.

It uses SSL encryption for every page. Whenever someone tries to reach your information, he would never be able to get it.

Its encryption is connected with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Its advanced encryption system is so strong that nobody can hack it. The third person cannot read your personal or trading details and payment plans.

In addition to it, Bitcoin Prime works on its algorithm. It never reveals the details of its algorithm to anyone. Security is the top priority of this platform.

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