What is Kundalini Yoga Meditation? Practices and Benefits – All you need to know

kundalini Yoga

“KUNDALINI YOGA” the name it’s self-define its features, Kundalini Yoga derives from the word Kundalini which means shedding of skin like a snake.

In the same way, this yoga is a process of shedding all kinds of stress, and achieve peace and calmness in life through meditation.

In Vedic culture, it is defined as energy that lies at the base of the spine until it is channelized through the Vedic process of spiritual perfection. Kundalini is believed by ancient people to be power associated with the divine feminine.

Kundalini Yoga includes the whole-body part of your body. It feels like shedding skin from the body like a snake.

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It pulls the energy at the base of your spine up, all the way through the roof of your crown. It provides us energy to heal our inner soul and awakens the power of internal energy. It’s difficult to understand what Kundalini is, what it does to our mind, body and soul.

In our hectic life, where stress, anxiety are part of our daily routine, we all face the ups and downs in our personal as well as professional life. Many kinds of challenges and hardships we face every day. Kundalini guides us to enlighten and heal the neutral headspace.

Aspects of Kundalini Yoga

In the process of kundalini yoga, the most common breath used is LONG DEEP BREATHING, in which we breathe slow and deep in and out through the nose by expanding the stomach out on the inhale and contracting the stomach on exhale.

Every type of yoga and kriya has its way of breathing process and postures, it helps to release all kinds of stress and generate energy. 

Breath of Fire: The name “breath of fire” defines the breathing power in our body. It is one of the most common breathwork practices in Kundalini Yoga.

It is practised by breathing rapidly equal parts in and out through the nose by pumping the stomach to create oxygen in the blood and charge your energy to circulate all over the body.

Mantras: Enchanting of Mantras can never be a failed process; we think that remembering any kind of mantras or enchanting them is a hard process.

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But no!!!! The use of chants and sounds, or mantras has its power that reaches our brain and body.

It provides us with positivity and refreshes our mood for the whole day and without any doubt that brings smile and happiness on our face. 

Kriyas: The process of breathing, posture and sounds all together makes” Kriya”. A specific set of actions and commitment which involves manifestation defines kriya.

It is done to protect your energy field and build your physical stamina and power of self-recognition, it elevates your energy.

Mudras: In a process of yoga every part of our body plays an important role. Mudras are hand positions that provide energy into different parts of our brains.

In ancient history, Yogis have shown us the importance of hand mudras and how they connected to different parts of our brain and other parts of the body. 

Avoidance of Kundalini Yoga

In a study, it is found that people had a higher risk of early heart stroke, worse health conditions or maybe death, without any kind of exercise or yoga.

We cannot get any positive energy to fight our stress and anxiety, In this busy world we have to take care of our health, basic yoga or deep breathing exercise is necessary for our daily to-do list.

Impact of negligence

Inflexibility: Our body is not used to yoga postures, it is not in a daily practice which results in a lack of flexibility, body ache and frozen shoulder.

Laziness: It’s hard to wake up early in the morning after a hectic schedule of late-night, which results in a lack of exercise and brings the feeling of laziness, tiredness and we don’t feel fresh the whole day.

8 Benefit of Yoga

Digestive Issues: These days’ digestive issues are raised more frequently, not only in adults but also in the young generation, because of too much junk food intake with no exercise or yoga. So, take fibrous foods for good digestion.

Heart and BP Problem: Nowadays it’s very common to have heart or blood pressure problems, because of our unhealthy diet or eating and sleeping routine. 

How to practice Kundalini Yoga

There are a lot of reasons to practice kundalini yoga- its effects not only physically but also plays important role in mental peace. It’s a total package of health benefits that improve stress levels, metabolism and psychological wellbeing.

Kundalini Yoga involves a different type of kriya and mudras. Each kriya pairs a physical pose with a breath or meditation.

Every posture defines your body parts like cobra pose for your spine or warrior pose for your legs and gluts. Talking about mudras, they include your hands and finger posture which to your brain and different parts of the body.

Builds Strength: As we hold up postures for some time, Kundalini Yoga is the best way to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Some of the breathing techniques in this of form yoga improve the core strength as we engage our abdominal muscles to exhale.

Rebuilt your inner soul: In our daily Yoga sessions, we are sweaty and tired. Study proves that regular practice of Kundalini Yoga helps to increase the production of serotonin (the happy hormone). Physical fitness is important but inner body meditation is equally important in the fast world.

Enhances your memory: Kundalini yoga helps us to focus on our aim. It has an impact on cognitive functioning, which boosts both concentration and memory.

It is scientifically researched that Alzheimer patients can also be recommended KUNDALINI YOGA for improving memory retentions.

Improves health problems: Kundalini Yoga has features of dealing with health problems- specifically the deep breathing techniques used can decrease the risk of Hypertension.

The slow breathe process calm your nervous system and reduces stress, thus lowering both your blood pressure and pulse rate.

Boost your Metabolism and Digestive system: As we know, Kundalini Yoga focuses on strengthening your core and diaphragm.

This results in improving your digestion and speed up your metabolism which leads to processes energy more effectively and efficiently.

There are some tips to bring Kundalini Yoga into our daily use:

  1. Choose comfortable and loose clothing for practising yoga.
  2. Opt for a quiet place, the meditation peaceful environment for meditation.
  3. Always keep a water bottle beside you, it will avoid dehydration issues in the middle of practice.
  4. Choose appropriate timing for this yoga, early morning is the best time for any kind of meditation or yoga.
  5. Avoid indulging in a posture in which you are not comfortable this can leads you to injury.
  6. Try to choose the length of time of yoga, if you are a beginner start with half an hour of practice and gradually increase the time of practice.
  7. Focus on your breath counting, notice your breathing procedure of inhaling and exhaling, it’s very important in yoga.
  8. Slowly and steadily increase your meditation, as you practice more the positive thoughts and energy move along your spine and a feeling in your body.

How Kundalini Yoga is very helpful for our body and soul?

The researchers have seen the potential for using Kundalini Yoga with other treatments to help people in managing a high level of stress, anxiety, depression and phobias.

Also, it is very effective specifically for people with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Addicted people, a person who has a learning disorder.

Practicing yoga helps to overcome many problems not only physically but improves mental peace. Two minutes of daily meditation practice gives you a positive impact, and we can see the energy in your inner self.

Can beginners do Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is practice for both physical and mental benefits. It is a great option for beginners as well as advanced yogis.

Can you lose weight doing Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga can help you in losing weight. There are many aerobic kriyas and metabolism-boosting meditations which help us in losing weight. It also provides inner confidence to focus on losing weight.

Is Kundalini Yoga good for your body?

Practising Kundalini Yoga strengthens your nervous system which helps in hardcore exercises like plank pose, push-ups, it provides strength to the entire body from shaking.

Is Kundalini Yoga good for anxiety?

Kundalini Yoga is beneficial in any kind of stress, anxiety issues. It heals our body from the inside. The energy we get by doing meditations and mantras helps to gain positive thoughts and relieves stress and anxiety.

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