What is quality assurance? Definition, Role and Overview

quality assurance

The organization needs to define the word “Quality Assurance Solutions” I always tell you that the mechanism is “characters.”

A mechanism can be said to be something that guides people in a specific direction. Characters have a similar function. Letters have “the power to guide people in a certain direction.”

For example, if there is a sticker in front of the station saying “No smoking in this area,” people will obey it. Having the poster there exerts the “effect of prohibiting smoking.”

If you smoke without following the poster, your mind will feel uncomfortable even if you decide that you don’t care.

There is an eye around it, and breaking the rules is uncomfortable for “human beings who survive by sociality.” The power of this letter is a very effective way to make an organization work.

A business plan drives the entire organization to move in that direction. By setting a policy, you can judge what is right and what is wrong.

We will nurture employees according to their “shape” according to the desired image of employees and evaluation criteria.

You can have the function of leaving. Management needs to know that they have a specific intention and “have a responsibility to guide an organization or employees in a certain direction” using letters.

And, to use that “character,” there are things that you absolutely must recognize. The meaning of “letter” is that each person has something different. People have their meaning of “characters” from the environment and experience they grew up in

Manufacturing companies are now afflicted with “Quality Assurance Disease.” The work of the Quality Assurance Department is bloated.

  • There was a complaint from the customer, and it is the Quality Assurance Department that apologizes for it.
  • The Quality Assurance Department thinks about measures to prevent its recurrence.
  • It is the Quality Assurance that prepares the report and submits it to the customer. Department In companies that have further strengthened this tendency:

-The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for creating and storing documents related to quality control.

The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for pre-shipment inspections. This condition is truly “abnormal” to people in other industries. Making things means taking responsibility for Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery date).

It can be said that it is equal QCD for making things and equal QCD for technology. At the construction site of a general contractor, the employees in charge of construction management are responsible for this quality control, that is, QCD.

If there is a construction defect, we will desperately pursue the cause and consider countermeasures. We also apologize to the owner ourselves.

Then, prepare the correction report. Of course, we also store the documents regarding daily quality by ourselves.

Even if there is a quality assurance department at the head office or branch office, it is just a “monitoring” agency.

All you have to do is monitor and audit from an objective point of view whether each site follows the system (rules) decided by the company. There is no instruction and command right, let alone practical business related to manufacturing.

Role of the Quality Assurance Department:

Why did this happen?

As you can see, the problem is the focus on a single department. If a comprehensive ISO 9001 quality management system had been implemented, quality would have been the responsibility of every department and every employee. It could be so easy using an ISO 9001 certification package.

This is the power of letters. I was guided in a specific direction. If the role of the guided quality assurance department is what the president intended, there is no problem.

It would be great if we could strengthen our strength as a company and contribute more to our customers. But from the point of view of this issue, there is no clear intention.

I fell into this situation because I didn’t have it. The problem is that it is not “intended.” I’m sure those companies didn’t have a clear role defined in the text when creating the “Quality Assurance Department.”

In addition, the “manufacturing department” role is not defined simultaneously. Therefore, it can be said that the image of the word “Quality Assurance Department” has won firmly.

The name has become the role of the Department as it is, “Guarantee Department” I’m sure that the members of this Quality Assurance Department at the beginning of its establishment said, “By our power, we will reduce the defects of the company and improve the technology.

There must have been a passionate desire to raise it. And unfortunately, the other departments have the potential to have the image that the “Quality Assurance Department” plays the “role of quality.”

The misfortune started here, and when the Department was set up, someone had to inform the Quality Assurance Department and the company that “The Quality Assurance Department is an auditing body.” He told the manufacturing department, “Please continue pursuing QCD with pride as a technician.”

Excellent human resources are assigned only to establish a quality assurance department in such a company.

And the human resources will do their best to develop many ideas and increase their work. At the same time, the manufacturing department will follow that trend and lighten its responsibilities.

When I noticed, the manufacturing department was not responsible for the Quality Management Center.

A few years later, the Quality Assurance Department will be exhausted by considerable work. In addition, it is the Department that I do not want to go to most in the company.

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