What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Beginner’s Guide

What is SEO

The term SEO is becoming fashionable nowadays. The increased usage of mobile phones and other such electronic gadgets paved the way for digitalization.

Every industry is now becoming digital. Almost all companies, right from the production sector to the service sector, have been adopting digital technologies to cope up with changing trends especially in the marketing of their products and services.

An important aspect of digital marketing is SEO. Without SEO, digital marketing will be incomplete and less productive. Let us get started to know about SEO in detail.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO refers to all or any activities associated with your website to enhance your visibility.

This means that when people look for products or services associated with your business or your website, an inventory of search results will appear.

In such cases, the resulting websites are ranked so as to where the highest-ranked website gets the primary position in search results.

This is called search engine rankings. SEO aims at optimizing your website to urge better program rankings.

This ranking is not stable at all and this keeps on changing. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you’re to collect attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

In short, SEO refers to all or any activities that are done to urge traffic by free, organic, editorial, or natural means on the program s to enhance search engine rankings.

How SEO works?

While searching on search engines like Google and Bing, we surf on all pages of the web and collect information related to words used for searching and the results appear on the search results page. SEO works on optimizing these search findings for better visibility.

What are SEO services?

All activities that are done either on the website or outside it to improve the Search Engine Result Page Rankings and to improvise its visibility come under SEO. These activities are broadly classified into three categories.

  • Organic SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO refers to is the technique that helps you to rank high in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), by optimizing a website for SEO use.

This is done completely organic for natural placement and getting results that are achieved through proven strategies that optimize every page of the website with high quality and relevant content.

The objective of this is also as same as mentioned above i.e improving the visibility of websites and helping websites to secure higher ranks on Search Engine Ranking Page. The investment is very low in this case and requires long-term efforts to become productive.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to all those activities that are done on the website to make it highly visible and easily identifiable.

This aims at improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website in search engines. This optimizes the web pages for specific keywords thereby improving search visibility and traffic.

The key player for On-Page SEO is the content of the website. There are various elements of the website that needs to optimize for better visibility of the website.

On-Page SEO includes optimization of “Title”, “description”, “Heading”, “IMG’s ‘alt’”, “schema” and other “meta” tags, and therefore the other elements on the webpage itself, that helps search engines to know what this website is all about and its relevancy.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO includes factors outside the webpage to increase web page credibility & get recommendations from high Domain Authority Websites.

Off-page SEO refers to all activities done outside a website that will affect the website’s search engine rankings.

This aims at optimizing your website to enhance its credibility, authority, popularity, and relevance of your website.

The most important part of off-page SEO is link building which increases traffic to your website.

For example, backlinks building and blog posts make search engines understand that other web pages are also recommending the on-page content.

The techniques that the Best SEO Company adopts to attract more traffic and impart search engine rankings are as follows.

  • Micro-Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Classifieds publishing
  • Business listing
  • Guest posts
  • Infographics submission
  • Picture submission
  • PPT submission
  • PDF submission
  • Video submission
  • Directory submission
  • Article submission

What is Link Building?

Link building is an important aspect that conveys your message to a larger audience thereby increasing traffic.

It is aimed at increasing the number of quality inbound leads to the website thus improving the search engine rankings.

Link building is one of the important aspects of digital marketing. Without link building, digital marketing is not possible. This is the most important to develop quality, relevance, and authenticity.

What is a back-link?

A backlink may be a link created when one website links to a different. Backlinks also are called “inbound links” or “incoming links.” Backlinks are important to SEO.

Earning backlinks is an important component of off-page SEO. The process of obtaining these links is known as link earning or link building.

The best SEO company looks for creating quality backlinks to increase ranking in search engines. Backlinks can be time-consuming to earn.

But over a period of time, creating backlinks will give immense results. Even though time-consuming, backlink creation is an important part of SEO without which optimization is very hard.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is an important part of digital marketing. The ultimate goal of every website is to acquire potential customers.

Search engine users are making trillions of searches every moment. Search engines do their work as best as possible by referring websites to users as per their search.

The referrals are determined by the content of the website, its credibility, authority, and relevance. Loading aspects of a website and user experience can also be added.

All these attributes can be achieved only through SEO. SEO optimizes the website to garner more traffic, improve visibility and acquire a higher ranking in search engines.

SEO ranking should be improved day by day but it can’t be wiped out each day. It is time-consuming.

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If done organically, it takes more time. The following are some best ways, the best SEO companies use, to improve their search engine rankings.

  • Publish Authoritative content
  • Content used should be relevant
  • Usage of keywords
  • Update content regularly
  • Use a link-worthy website
  • Look after the website service authorities without fail
  • Use alt tags
  • Use precise Title
  • Use appropriate Description
  • Create as many backlinks as possible even organically or by paid services