What Is The Best Operating System For Gaming?

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So, if your question is that the best operating system for gaming purposes, in actuality. So, let’s see is it Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, or something else entirely?

One of the biggest strengths of PC gaming is variety. It is right that there are numerous types of different hardware components, but users have this opportunity to select any operating system which suits them better. Here we mentioned to you three main choices: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

These three services in different ways to different audiences and all these three have their own respective and their pros as well as cons.

But besides all this, we just have to focus on one certain question: which of these three is the best operating system for gaming purposes?

In the following, we will present for you a brief overview of each of these three OS and also discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one as your gaming OS.

Now, we will go to these three OS brief history and also towards their characteristics:


There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows is the most widespread and most popular operating system. In 1990 Microsoft first released Windows 3.0, then it was considered an uprising and revolutionary because it amazingly simplified the user interface and also brought computers and the conventional public closer.

Over the years, Windows had released Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and other minor variations.

It is just during the period of the universally-loved Windows XP that it happened the PC gaming scene resound.

A controversial and stinking Windows Vista followed XP which was rapidly put back by Windows 7 which was more refined.

After all that came Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions, released another controversial to criticized for forcing a tablet-oriented UI on desktop PCs or PCs having desktops.

Nowadays there is the most advanced and most reliable Windows version that is Windows 10. This amazing new version of Windows, Windows 10 also marks a great change in the approach of Microsoft to their flagship Operating System – instead of releasing a brand new Windows version every few time or few years, the company that owned Microsoft has decided to build and more improve upon Windows 10 with scores of free updates.


Talking about Linux, we can say that,  is unusual in that it not only signifies a single operating system but instead of signifying a wide range of different operating systems, all of these operating systems are based on the open-source Linux kernel.

It was created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, with the aim and the idea of providing a free and flexible Operating System to people.

Google’s AndroidOS, is the most popular and also widely known OS among users which is based on Linux Kernel.

However, it just can be used only on tablets and smartphones. On PCs, the most widely used and most popular are the likes of Ubuntu, Valve’s, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, SteamOS, and many more others, all of these have popularity and are fully free. All these are built upon by different developers.

It can be said that Linux has much flexibility, more powerful features, and lower hardware requirements as compared to Windows therefore, it aims much toward professional users.


While all its bases and roots go back to 1984, macOS as we know about this system today was just released in 2001. 

In all terms of popularity, MacOS is second only to Windows and it has the difference that you can only find macOS on Apple’s iMac and MacBook computers.

However, Apple likes keeping their all-new technology under tight lock and key, a few things that give this Operating System many advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, among these is that it makes this OS highly efficient that macOS is optimized to work with Apple hardware.

One amazing thing about it is that it is engineered to be very carefully as close to perfection and correctness as possible, leading to an extremely secure, user-friendly operating system, which is one of the favorites of many users, both casual as well as professional.

On the other hand, an obvious downside to macOS is related to its primary advantage — that is the hardware.

Most Apple computers are sorely lacking, in terms of raw power, relying on the software for high performance rather than. This cause makes most of its users skeptical of Apple’s high prices or high costs.


Now after all the above information, we will be looking at how each Operating System fares when it comes to different aspects of gaming.


If we talk about terms of in-game performance, then Windows and Linux both OS tend to be on relatively even ground in gaming, with just a minor framerate that increases for one or the other based on the game in question.

Moreover, while each supported version of Windows keeps perfect consistent framerates, various distributions of Linux can offer fully various performances.

In this regard, the best-performing Linux distribution is very difficult to pinpoint, but you will see SteamOS and Ubuntu as in the lead.

However, Windows is far much useful, consistent, and reliable, offering superior and amazing performance most of the time. Of the three OS, macOS is the worst-performing. Not because of the operating system itself but instead of the hardware limitations.

Game Selection

You should know that majority of PC games are released firstly for Windows, as it has become the most popular gaming OS in recent times. When we talk about “PC games,” we directly mean “Windows games.”

The selection is limited to the games for Linux and macOS. Over 4000 games highly support Linux at the moment.

Amazingly, over 20.000 games supported Windows. And for Mac, there are almost currently around 7000 Steam games that are supporting it.


To conclude we can say that among all the above discussions, one thing is certain – Windows is the best OS for gaming.

It can be said that Windows is the good and best gaming operating system for gaming because it has the widest selection or collection of games as well as it also because said games mostly better perform than Linux or macOS.

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