What is the best type of electric scooters for adults?

electric scooters for adults

The world is moving fast and adults must keep up with this pace as well. This means that the commute needs to be quicker as well.

Traditional commute methods are getting too slow and many people are late to their destination because of traffic. They need a ride that’s not only fast but also smooth.

Electric scooters do the job for them. Most models of electric scooters for adults come with top speed and features that allow adults to reach their destination more easily and comfortably.

Los Angeles Scooter Pros has the best electric scooters for adults in California, or even worldwide. We’ve gathered and analyzed a few electric scooters to make it easier for you to understand which one’s the best.

Urban Drift Scooter

The urban drift electric scooter is considered to be one of the best electric scooter for adults in this day and age.

Being a rear-wheel drive, this electric scooter offers a smooth ride with incredible safety features and a smooth ride. Some of the features that this scooter includes are

All-terrain tires

There’s no point in having an electric scooter that isn’t capable of being driven on every terrain. The urban drift electric scooter comes with 10×3.35 inch all-terrain tires that are designed to provide maximum traction in all weathers. These tires are installed on both front and rear along with being puncture resistant.

Battery life

This electric scooter comes with a lithium battery that comes with a voltage of 52V DC and adds no extra weight.

Adults need an electric scooter that provides them with a fast ride with good mph. That’s why a scooter with a good battery is important.

The battery of a scooter doesn’t only work to make sure that it doesn’t die without giving a good range but also ensures that the miles you get while driving that scooter are enough for you to go to your desired destination and come back without a problem, along with powering the light of the scooter to give you a better view.

But that’s not all that a battery does. The battery of an electric scooter provides power to the motor which makes riding the scooter a better experience.

Along with that, it works to ensure that the lights on the scooter work properly and the commuter, or the adult, riding the scooter can go at full speed without a hassle.

Powerful motor

The urban drift electric scooter comes with a powerful motor that works because of the exceptional battery power. It has an 800W dual-motor system that offers 1600W as the max output.

Since this scooter has a dual motor, the range, and speed that it offers the riders are beyond amazing. The motors provide high-quality performance and tractions not only on straight terrains but also while climbing hills.

The max climbing capacity that this scooter offers is 25 degrees with the max speed being 37mph and the max range going from 27-37 miles.

Any adult riding this scooter can activate the power it offers by using the throttle. All electric scooters come with a throttle that any person can activate whenever they’re ready to accelerate the scooter.

Disc brakes

The dual motored electric scooter has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes which help eliminate the chance of a brake failure.

When an adult is driving their scooter at speed, there’s a chance that the brakes might fail and they fall trapped in an accident.

That’s why the urban drift electric scooter comes with two brake systems which reduce any chances of that happening.

Apart from that, these brakes come with a wear and tear system that is much slower than traditional ones which makes them very reliable.


The suspension system on this electric scooter is incredibly important. A suspension of a road electric scooter is the main thing that makes it a make-or-break ride.

The urban drift electric scooter comes with a front and rear suspension providing the ability to tackle corners much more easily which offers a smooth ride with no added weight.

X4 Electric Scooter

The X4 electric scooter can be classified as a package containing good speed, weight limit, and bright limits for added security. This model provides the riders with a comfortable ride all over the city.

It’s a scooter that weighs only 40lbs, meaning that it’s much easier to carry around; especially because the x4 electric scooter is foldable, allowing you to tuck it under your desk at the office or carry it wherever you want.

Some of the features that this electric scooter offers include

3-speed levels

The X4 electric scooter comes with a motor that allows the rider to choose from three-speed levels. This is an option that’s preferred a lot in the electric scooter market and often has deals that include this as a package.

Los Angeles Scooter Pros understands that a one-speed limit can’t always be right. The speed depends on the urgency the rider has which is why they’ve added three speeds.

The first one is the eco speed that’s 9mph, then comes the moderate speed with 15.5 mph with the top speed being 18.6mph.

Dual Braking System

It’s much easier to have a dual braking system since it provides extra safety for all the adults and even kids riding it.

Most electric scooters for adults come with one brake style which doesn’t provide much security. Having a dual braking system in your electric scooter not only allows you to ride the scooter at top speed with no added tension about the brakes not working in time but also makes the scooter a better option.

The electric brakes in the scooter make it much more reliable than the traditional scooters but also guarantees a safer ride.

LED safety lights

However many miles you plan on riding on your electric scooter, whether it’s 20 miles or 40, you need proper safety equipment for it. Otherwise, there is a possibility of you zooming about and causing an accident.

Although the range, speed, battery, and all other features are important to make sure you ride safely, the LED lights are just as important. If you’re riding the scooter at night, with no added LEDs, the ride might be dangerous for you.

That’s why the X4 electric scooter comes with bright LED lights that make your ride comfortable even when the sun’s down.

Front Shock Absorber

Unlike a traditional scooter, the X4 electric scooter has a front shock absorber with honeycomb wheels combined with low gravity. This makes the suspension take the hit for you on a bumpy road instead.

The front suspension of the electric scooter partnered with the portability makes the adults riding it feels like they’re gliding over the surface no matter if it’s cobblestones or gravel.

A3 Model

The A3 electric scooter provides a safe and comfortable ride for all its riders. With its 0-inch pneumatic tires, this electric scooter helps you glide through all the bumps and curbs in your way.

The IOS/Android compatibility of this scooter makes it the best electric scooter for adults in today’s generation.

But that’s not the only good thing it offers. Here’s a list of features that the A3 electric scooter offers which make it one of the best electric scooters for adults that are available in the market.

Powerful motor

This electric scooter’s model comes with a lithium battery which increases the power of the motor as well as improves the mph it offers.

Along with the top speed of this scooter being 18.6mph, the motor power boosts the performance and acceleration. The 350W motor is also capable of tackling inclined hills of 15 degrees.

3-speed levels

The best thing about this scooter model is that it comes with three different speed levels. This allows the person riding the electric scooter to be able to choose an mph in which they’re comfortable driving.

The first speed level is the eco speed at 9 mph and then comes the Moderate Mode that has 15.5 mph and can go up to the MPH MAX Model which allows you to go up to 18.6 Mph.

One-Step Folding System

The one-step folding system that this model offers has been a great help to all its users. This system allows portability whether you’re stuck in a park or at the office.

Pneumatic tires

This electric scooter comes with pneumatic tires that are made of supple rubber, providing it with better friction and traction.

These tires help make sure that you don’t slip and fall while trying to stop the scooter even if you’re going at maximum speed.

They absorb the unevenness of the ground, making sure have a smooth ride and also offer the best grip even in wet conditions.

Fast Charging

An electric scooter is deemed to be the best depending on the charging time that it provides. Those who buy an electric scooter are usually looking for a quick way to commute which means that slow charging might be a hassle to handle.

The A3 scooter offers a remarkable charging time of only 7-9 hours maximum which ends up providing more than 20 mph.

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