What is the difference between FUE hair transplant & FUT hair transplant?

FUE hair transplant - FUT hair transplant

Hair transplant treatment has become an increasing trend day by day, as many people are facing hair loss issues, irrespective of their age.

Due to the stressful environment and unhealthy diet in this hard & fast life, these hair loss issues are increasing


So basically, there are 2 popular hair transplant techniques: Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT) & Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). Both the techniques are equally effective ways of treating hair loss. Both the hair fall treatment processes have a high achievement rate.

The Main Difference?

The main difference between FUT and FUE hair transplants is that in FUT, removes a segment of giver skin from which to release individual follicular units to be moved to the area of balding.

Though in FUE individual follicular units are extracted straightforwardly from the scalp. Which strategy is most reasonable for the patient relies upon a scope of elements.

The FUT Methodology –

In the FUT strategy, a portion of hair-bearing skin is expelled from the contributor’s region of the scalp, more often than not the back of the head. This is the reason FUT is otherwise called a ‘strip’ medical procedure.

The long haul contributor hair supply will be impacted by how free (or remiss) the scalp skin is and by what number of hairs there are per square centimetre of contributor scalp.

As a rule, the FUT system offers access to a more prominent contributor hair yield during a lifetime contrasted and FUE.

The strip is then set under powerful magnifying instruments and the careful group fastidiously partitions it into little joins of individual follicular units including one to four hairs. These unions are put in a chilled tissue stockpiling arrangement until they are transplanted.

The giver region is stitched up and normally then secured by the encompassing hair. After some time between 10 and 14 days, the stitches are expelled and the contributor region fixes to shape a direct scar.

The FUE Methodology –

In the FUE methodology, the contributor territory of the scalp is shaved and follicular unit unions are extracted independently, utilizing a 0.8mm to 1mm ‘punch’.

The technique can be completed physically or by utilizing a mechanized careful instrument.

Following FUE there will be a progression of minor spot scars on the scalp. However, these are so little as to be hardly perceptible.

With numerous FUE techniques, more speck scars are gathered and the hair in the contributor territory is bit by bit distributed.

This is the reason there is a restricted measure of contributors’ hair, which implies that specialists and patients must take care to guarantee that there is a satisfactory giver supply for a long haul plan.

Wrapping Up!

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A hair transplant treatment gives you the desired look you want and makes you look young. So, this sums up the main difference between the FUE and FUT methodology of hair transplant. Hope you got the answer you were looking for.