What is the future of the workforce? – demystifying the working color personas

future of workforce

The future of the workforce is quite unpredictable. We are living through an era of transformation, and jobs, as we know them, might change.

So, what will organizations look for in the future? Will work from home jobs become the norm, will machines replace processes, and what role will human capital play?

A survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that 37% of people were concerned about automation putting jobs at risk. However, 73% also believed that technology could not replace the human mind.

With work from home taking over the scene, people are now concerned about their future.

Are you also worried that there will be lesser jobs in the future? Let us break down the different worlds of work expected to emerge.

1. The Red World

The Red World bleeds innovation. It refers to an environment that enables organizations as well as individuals to embrace innovation and give the audience what they desire.

Digital platforms and technologies can enable anyone with winning ideas to make profits and flourish. Businesses can also use innovation to personalize the customer experience.

However, innovation will outpace regulation in this world. It increases risks since there could be legal troubles.

What Will The Workforce Look Like?

In the future, innovation and people will go hand in hand. Organizations will become agile and consist of talented resources with a futuristic vision.

The workers with the most sought-after skills will receive the best rewards. Moreover, like-minded professionals will collaborate and use technology to spark innovation.

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The projects in this world will flourish quickly and keep evolving to stay relevant. Moreover, roles such as data entry jobs might become redundant.

HR might not exist as a separate function. Large organizations will acquire talent and intellectual property with exceptional strategists and artificial intelligence. Entrepreneurs will rely on automation and outsource most services for people processes.

2. The Blue World

The Blue Word will be driven by capitalism. Large corporate bodies will reign over industries.

In this world, organizations will realize that their influence and size can be the perfect weapon to protect their profit margins.

They might face some competition from their peers and new entrants to the market, but their large-scale growth will defend them.

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Some corporations might even grow to such an extent and exert so much influence that they become more sizeable and powerful than national economies. In this reign of corporates, individual preferences will overtake social responsibility.

While there will be notable use of AI and automation to enhance quality and promote productivity, humans will still be in demand.

Workers In The Blue World

Talent will be the key to hack success in this world. Exceptionally skilled and talented people will be in high demand, so employers will offer them excellent rewards.

However, overall, the workforce will be lean. Organizations will only bring in talented resources as and when they’re required.

Medical and physical enhancement technologies will maximize human effort. Moreover, the trio of innovation, automation, and analytics, will push employees to put their best foot forward.

3. The Green World

As the name suggests, in the Green world, companies have a strong sense of environmental responsibilities.

The gist of this world is that organizations care. They don’t look at corporate responsibility as a burden but consider it imperative.

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In this world, organizations will have a robust social conscience and recognize that a business’s impact is stretched way beyond financials.

The consumers, as well as workers, will demand that companies do right by the world. Organizations will have to focus on their societal purpose and make it the core of their commercial strategy.

The Green World Workforce

The workers in this world gravitate towards organizations they admire and whose values align with their own. However, the competition is still intense.

The main incentive for workers will be financial rewards. Incentives will be a powerful tool to attract and retain workers and will have to become quite inventive.

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Employees will be expected to inculcate the values of their employers and reflect them outside of the workspace as well.

Travel will be carefully controlled in this world, and people will receive incentives for using resources efficiently.

4.  The Yellow World

The Yellow World will place humans over everything else. Here, companies will look for a greater purpose and try to seek relevance in their operations.

Businesses that put society and the community first will make more profits and gain success. The flow of capital will be in the direction of ethical brands that do not harm society in any way.

In this world, workers and consumers will seek out meaning and relevance from organizations with a social heart. Humanity will be highly valued here, and professions such as artisans will thrive.

The Fate of The Workers

Technology will be prevalent in this world, and like-minded workers will find their way towards one another. Collaboration will be one of the defining characteristics of the workforce.

People will come together to participate in projects or deliver results for as long as required. Workers’ Guilds will become very common, and they will build confidence in their services.

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They will be available whenever needed and deliver on their promises.Guilds will offer people a sense of identity as they consider themselves members of a profession.

Work will be a fluid concept in this world, and there won’t be any fixed working days or hours. The borders between work and home will become pretty blur.

Finishing Notes

The future of the workforce is an enigma, but these are the four possible options that may take center stage.

In this day and age, every day brings with it new tools and technologies. Job security can be a growing concern for many.

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