What is the video production process?

What is the video production process

What is the video production process?

While it may seem relatively straightforward to make an introductory video, there’s more that goes into the process than meets the eye.

While some aspects of video production are very technical, such as creating the right lighting and editing clips in your software, other aspects of video production might seem more ambiguous or confusing at first glance but have very straightforward solutions.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what exactly makes up the video production process, and you’ll get tips on how to run each step successfully.


Video production is a complicated process that involves shooting, editing, and posting. The first step in video production is to plan what you want to shoot.

You’ll need to get quotes for equipment rental, and you’ll need to talk about locations with your producer.

Once you’ve planned what you want to shoot, it’s time to start filming. Your team will be responsible for getting all the needed shots, while a sound guy will be capturing audio.

When everything has been shot and audio recorded, it’s time for editing! Video editors will use software like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC to cut together all of the clips into a cohesive narrative before color correcting and adding titles as needed.


Video production Chicago begins with a creative brief to determine exactly what is needed for the video and how it should be shot.

Once they have this information, they will start writing a script and storyboard, which lays out all of the shots in detail.

At this point, they’ll also schedule talent, call locations and props, and shoot test footage. Post-production starts when images are put together to form a finished product.


The video production process can be divided into three main stages: pre-production, shoot, and post-production. While each stage has its responsibilities and tasks, they are all intertwined throughout the video-making process. 

Pre-production includes:

  • Coming up with an idea for your video.
  • Determining what you want to achieve from your video.
  • Selecting a shooting location.

Shoot time! The next stage in the video production process is when everything happens. This is where you’ll bring together your cast, crew, and equipment to film your movie scenes or interview your clients. Post-production typically follows shoot time, where most of the editing takes place.


Do you have an idea for a video but aren’t sure how to produce it? Let Video Production Chicago walk you through the process of creating a video:

  1. We’ll need to figure out what your project is about.
  2. We’ll work with you on content and script writing. Once your script is finalized, we’ll set up camera angles, lighting, and sound levels. After that’s all set up, we’ll go through rehearsals before our filming day.
  3. Post-production will take place where the footage will be edited, and audio will be mixed to create your finished project!

What do you mean by video production?

Video production can take on many different forms. It can be used for events, recording interviews, and telling stories, to name a few.

Video production has a lot of equipment available to help you get the perfect video. When it comes to video interviews, there are various ways in which this could be executed.

For example, when making a video about your company’s business practices, you might want your employees to answer questions or talk about their day-to-day activities on camera so that viewers know what it’s like inside your company.

Many different types of cameras may be used during video production; these range from professional cameras such as DSLR cameras or C300s to hand-held devices like smartphones.

What is the importance of video production?

Any business should invest in video production, but it can be challenging to get started. Luckily, with Video Production Chicago, you have a place to turn for help.

We specialize in video marketing and advertising that’s creative and persuasive. And because we are based in Chicago, we can give you a great local resource while also providing nationally recognized services.

Your company will have access to multiple experts who have worked on videos all over the country with brands like Red Bull and Paramount Pictures. 

Bottom Line

The filming process follows pre-production, production, and post-production. This can vary depending on your industry and specific needs.

For example, if you’re filming an event for a company like Apple, you’ll want to spend a lot more time pre-production than shooting a short film for a local theater.

Whatever kind of work you do, there are essential steps that every project must pass through to reach its full potential.

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