What is Yoga Nidra – 3 Benefits and Explanation

What is Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra, and how can it help you relax? 3 Life-Changing Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra ia an ancient technique of India. This technique is described in Indian Mythological book (Upanishad).

This is very helpful technique for relaxing and use by Rishis in ancient times. This technique is developed by Rishis to relaxed your mind by visualizing inner world.

Now not only India, but this technique is adopted worldwide. This technique is also being applied by the US Army to assist soldier to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra is also a type of a yoga. In this stage you don’t have to move your body to persuade.

In this Asana you have to lay down in a sleeping position, by putting your hand straight while being state of half-consciousness where you stay between being awake or sleep.

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This is little same as Shava Asana. Yoga Nidra is done under a constructor you teaches you constantly, how you have to imagine.This asana take to through the Pancha Maha kosha (five layers of self) in a gentle manner.

Yoga Nidra Asanas deal with many problems like body sores, aches, tiredness, and stress and feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

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By doing regular practice, yoga nidra helps the person to become active, stressless, and dull life behind.

Yoga nidra is a easy practice under the guidance of Instructor. You can easily do this with regular practice.

By this Asanas your mind will work calmly and you will understand the technique to living life happily and stressless.

Yoga Nidra can be done in seven easy steps.

This Asana looks easier, but practice makes to reach at that place where this asana needs to be. Always wear comfortable clothes while doing any type of yoga, so that at the time of yoga you didn’t disturbed by comfortability.

Let’s start the practice.

  1. Take a yoga mat and lie down straight with fake sleep. Put your hand straight near your body. Take a dep breath and relaxed.
  2. Continue taking slow breath with closed eye. Focus on your left leg, move the leg upward, focusing on your left knee, left thigh, and waist. Move your leg down and get relaxed.
  3. Repeat same step with right leg. Take a slow breath and move your right leg up concentrate on your position, slowly move down with light breath and relaxed.
  4. Take a deep breath and move the attention to your other inner body parts like stomach, chest, naval, hands, shoulder, neck and face. Concentrate on that parts and relax.
  5. Try to not think about your surroundings and concentrate your mind in your body. How your body is created by different things and it works. Focus on your palm, finger, wrist, biceps and shoulder. Check your all parts calmly. Also, think about your throat, nape, back and forehead. Calmly imagine your all-inner parts and take your mind involve inside and relax.
  6. Take 10 to 15 minute in this process, and put your mind in-between your body. Then relax.
  7. After few minutes, slowly move your whole body slowly to right side, with slow breathing. Repeat these full steps 2 to 3 times. Stay in sleep position for a minute and then open your eyes calmly with light breath.

After open your eye, you will feel relaxed, and your mind feel totally different and fresh feeling out of the stress.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

When you go through this powerful yoga Technique, you will understand the power of this yoga. This relaxing technique is best to come out of daily tension full and hectic life.

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This Asana not only relax your body but also relax your mind too. This asana takes your mind free from stress and in a relaxing mode.

Asana has many benefits like…

Helps your mind to relax

Whole day from morning to end of the day, our mind goes through many stress and pressure. At the end of the day it becomes tired and wants to relax, but different unnecessary thoughts occupy oy mind and we can’t relax. This asana helps to take our mind away, from the surrounding and make us relax.

Helps induce a good sleep

When mind will be relaxed, we can go for deep sleep. Unnecessary thoughts will not disturb us, and our mind will be in a resting position.

Daily doing Nidra yoga take our mind in relax and your mind feel pleasure without taking tension. Without a tension of past and future you can sleep calmly.

Helps Start new day with fresh mood

Yoga Nidra, helps to start your day with freshness and in new mood. Yoga Nidra gives a new start of a day with fresh thoughts and one way to stand up to all life problems and still lead a stress-free life is to practice Yoga Nidra.

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Do Yoga Nidra asana daily for stress free and healty life. No matter how much stress is there in your life. By this yoga technique you will come out of every problems.