What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in aerospace engineering?

aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is one of the most exciting branches of engineering. It is formally defined as the science behind the construction and design of spacecraft and aircraft.

Interestingly, the aerospace engineering programme is designed to train students in various areas, including avionic, aeronautical, and space technology.

This discipline caters to the ever-evolving technological landscape that has given a plethora of opportunities to the engineering graduates of aerospace engineering.

B.Tech. Aerospace engineering integrates the study of aeronautical engineering and space technology to enable the holistic development of an expert aerospace engineer.

Moreover, the course is delivered by highly-qualified and experienced faculties from leading national and international institutions to nurture the students to become excellent professionals.

The aerospace industry will certainly require more numbers of trained and qualified engineers. Graduates of aerospace engineering have opportunities in multiple domains, including research and development(R&D) of aircraft, monitoring, maintenance, and quality control for handling rocket launchers and rockets.

The aviation sector is snowballing and creating tremendous job opportunities with rewarding salary packages.

Career prospects after earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering

With an aerospace engineering degree, you can qualify for careers in engineering, technology, data science, etc. These are some jobs offered to those with aerospace engineering degrees:

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are professionals associated with designing, building, and testing aircraft, spacecraft, and aerospace research and exploration equipment.

These engineers typically work for government-run or private aerospace research organisations. Aerospace engineers are versed with specialised knowledge that empowers them to plan and develop equipment suitable for working in extreme environments.

Aircraft Mechanic

The primary duty of an aircraft mechanic is to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft. Supervise, manage, and perform maintenance works on aircraft to ensure the aircraft’s highest possible safety and functionality.

Modeling and Simulation Engineer

Modeling and Simulation Engineers use high-end technologies to determine how the equipment will behave without trying it out on real things.

Instead, these professionals create a virtual environment to test the durability, performance, and safety of things that would otherwise be expensive or hazardous.

The modeling and simulation engineers hold the competency of software development and modeling and simulation tools, including AFSIM, STK, MATLAB, and others.

Aerospace Technician

An aerospace technician is an integral part of an aerospace engineering team. They work in manufacturing plants, laboratories, and engineering offices to run and maintain the testing equipment and prepare the spacecraft.

Often the aerospace technician works in association with engineers during the prototype testing process.

These professionals apply their high-level technical knowledge to install and maintain testing equipment and help engineers construct functional aerospace equipment. 

Maintenance Engineer

A maintenance engineer is a professional who checks the aircraft to detect technical abnormalities or issues with an operational aircraft. They work in line with the safety standards suggested by the companies and create detailed reports of technical evaluation.

Aerospace engineering is a fascinating and rewarding B.Tech specialisation. It is one of the newest branches of engineering that came into existence in the 19th century with the first experiment in power flights.

The aerospace engineering domain is now indulged in designing powerful aircraft and spacecraft with extensive technological advancements.

A well-designed B.Tech programme in aerospace engineering can equip you with the skills and competencies to establish yourself in the aerospace industry. Apply Now!

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