What Parts of the Company You Must Outsource to Be Successful

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Everyone thinks running a company is easy until they get the chance to do it. Being the CEO or a manager of a company is a tough job. Starting a new business from scratch means dedicating to things you never thought would be important, some of which you didn’t even know existed.

A startup or a new company means setting up a network of things that require your attention. It’s not easy to handle everything, and the reason behind it is not because you’re incapable but because you simply don’t have the physical time to do it.

Running a business requires spending a lot of time on essential matters and leaving none for things with a lower priority.

That’s why business owners hire employees – to help them with the workload and get things done that they can’t get to.

More often than not, business owners will outsource a particular issue instead of hiring people within the company.

Outsourcing is often more affordable than hiring a person for a particular job. Not all jobs are suitable for outsourcing, though.

In this article, we share five things you can and should outsource the first moment you start a company. If you want to know what they are and why you should outsource these things, keep reading and learn everything about them.

1. Doing taxes and keeping books

Handling paperwork involving money is not the easiest thing for everyone, but for some, it’s a nightmare.

They need to hire someone to do it for them, and with tons of companies doing the bookkeeping for you, it’s nonsense to try it yourself.

Many people are excellent entrepreneurs and handle business perfectly, but they are simply not as good with numbers.

Others have big companies, and it’s tough to get everything together. Making a small number mistake may cause IRS to knock on your door, and no one wants to see these guys visiting.

2. Legal coverage

No matter what business you’re running, the chances that you will need legal coverage are huge. When you’re a small business, you must mind all sorts of things, like interfering with other companies’ work, using someone else’s logos or brand identity, etc.

Even if you have everything perfectly settled right at the beginning, you’ll need to get particular work permits, make deals with other businesses, and create employees’ contracts. A lawyer is essential for these things, so find one before you realize you need them the hard way.

3. IT issues

Suppose you’re an IT startup. You’re developing mobile apps, and you’re hiring 15 people right at the start. You got an amazing office overseeing the city, bought 15 excellent computers, and now you need to connect them all in a fully-functional network.

You haven’t hired a technician, though. All of them are developers, and none of them knows anything about hardware.

That’s when you realize that on-site tech support for your computers is crucial to having the company up and running. Without hiring these guys, you can’t do anything.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

The same office of 15 people will quickly become messy and full of garbage. People will eat and drink on their desks, and the tiny kitchen you have in the corner is amazing, but someone has to come and swipe it off. You can’t be the one doing it, and your employees are simply careless.

Cleaning and maintaining the place is crucial for a fully-functional working space. Hire a company that will provide a person or two to come at the end of the day and clean the place up. The place should be spotless when you return to work the next morning.

5. Security

Finally, security. We’re talking here about both physical and virtual security. If you’re working in a building full of offices, there will be a person at the front door taking care of these things, but if you’re located in a place where your office is the only one, you’ll need to hire external security service.

Regarding online security, you should call the IT guys again and ask them to guard your network virtually and constantly look at it so that no one hacks the company and still valuable data. You need to cover these two security threats, and outsourcing is the best option.


When running a business, you must address all these issues at once. That’s why being a CEO is not easy. You should focus on the things within your power to solve and what isn’t, outsource it, and let someone else handle it.

You’ll see how your company grows and thrives if you do everything right. You’ll encounter no problems, and even if there is something, you’ll solve it instantly. Follow the tips from above, and be sure you’re doing a great job.

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