What PitStopArabia Says About the New Auto Services


The internet has transformed the way businesses operate. Consider Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce platform.

One could have hardly thought you would be able to buy everything online and that too from a single website. Just like that, the automobile and related businesses have changed due to technology.

Take the example of PitStopArabia (PSA), a UAE-based business. It started as an online tire retailer before becoming a one-stop shop for everything automobile-related.

Today, you can get window tints, AC repair, transmission box work, engine maintenance and repair, car servicing, branded tires, and a lot more at PSA.

In this blog post, we will talk about how technology has brought changes in auto services. Before discussing our topic, we would like to highlight how to select the right auto services shop in UAE or elsewhere.

Selecting the Best Auto Services Shop

Here’s how you can select the right services and repair shop to make sure that the work done is of top quality:


Before finalising any auto repair shop, we request that you check the reviews. A quick search on Google or social media channels will tell you everything there is to know about the shop’s reputation. If there are considerable negative reviews, we recommend that you opt for another workshop.


If you are satisfied after reading the reviews, we recommend that you visit the workshop and interact with the workers. It will tell you a lot about the repair shop’s customer satisfaction.

Type of Work

Let us assume that you are looking to get different vehicle parts repaired and maintained. Would you prefer to take your vehicle to a different shop for each work?

The answer is no, as most people would prefer a one-stop-shop for all their work. Hence, make sure that the business is offering all types of auto services under one roof. It will save you considerable time and effort.

Now, let us get back to our topic.

New Technology Services

Online Tire Buying

If you asked your parents about buying tires online, they would have laughed at the suggestion. That is no longer the case as car owners are quite comfortable buying tires online in UAE and worldwide.

One benefit of buying tires online is the convenience. You don’t need to go anywhere and can order the tires from your phone. PSA allows customers to have the tires installed at any one of its 200+ tire network installers.

Book Services Online

Let us assume that you need your AC repaired or maintained. Due to a busy schedule, you don’t have the time to take your car to a workshop. You wish that there is a workshop where you can go and have the car AC work done right away.

Well, it is precisely what technology is offering nowadays. Service provides like PSA allow customers to book any car service of their choice in advance through their online portals or smartphone apps. All that is left is to be at the selected repair shop at the given time.

Top Quality Repair & Maintenance Work

Technology is improving repair and maintenance quality. Due to the use of sophisticated computer-aided tools, cars are safer and durable than ever. It would not be wrong to say that cars of today are computers on wheels.

Shop Management Systems

Another way that technology is revolutionising auto services is the shop management system. The system is responsible for all aspects of the shop, including payroll, customer appointments, ordering parts, scheduling repair and maintenance work, invoicing, and a lot more. These systems improve productivity and efficiency.

Wrap Up

We are only beginning to see the impact of technology on auto services. We will be seeing a lot more in the near future, especially as auto businesses begin to utilise big data and artificial intelligence.

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