What to Look for in a Cryptocurrency Exchange as a Beginner?


It is understandable that beginners face some challenges while looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange for the first time.

This is because there are several options available in the market and identifying the best one without any prior knowledge or information can be difficult.

It can even be intimidating and stressful for the first-timers as there are numerous factors to look at and consider before they are able to determine which of the available options is best for them.

However, the challenges a beginner may face can be reduced to a significant extent if they are familiar with some helpful tips and information.

One of the ways to look for the best cryptocurrency exchange is to know the essential factors you should look for in every available option.

Here are some of the features and services of an exchange that highlight its significance and can help you identify the best one from a variety of options.

User Interface of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

As a beginner, one of the first things you need to analyze is whether the available platforms are compatible with first-timers or not.

There are some platforms that are specifically designed for expert traders and institutional investors and do not cater to the needs of beginners.

On the other hand, there are some crypto exchanges that have a well-developed interface, user-friendly for both beginners and experts.

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As a first-timer, make sure you choose such a crypto coin exchange that has an easy-to-navigate and simple user interface.

The user experience matters a lot in terms of the kind of experience you can have while buying or trading digital assets. Therefore, the user interface of a crypto exchange should not be overlooked.

Order Types Available

Order types are one of the major factors that mostly crypto traders look for. However, even if you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange for buying crypto, there is a chance that you might step into crypto trading as well.

For such a scenario, it is important that you consider such factors beforehand and choose the exchange accordingly.

One of the differences between crypto exchanges is that they don’t all offer the same order types. There are some basic order types and some advanced ones.

A platform that offers both is usually the one that is preferred by the audience, especially the people interested in trading digital currencies.

The order types available can be one of the factors that can help you identify a capable and best exchange for crypto.

Fee to be Paid by Users

Every cryptocurrency exchange charges a fee that the users have to pay, whether they are buying, depositing, withdrawing or trading digital assets.

However, the amount that you have to pay varies from one exchange to another. One more differentiating factor is the transparency of the fee structure as some platforms also include hidden and additional charges in the fee charged to the users.

Therefore, fee structure becomes one of the top factors you need to look for before you choose a crypto platform and start buying or trading digital assets.

The best cryptocurrency exchange is the one that has a fair and low fees, which is free of any kind of hidden charges.

Security Systems

Choosing the safest cryptocurrency exchange is one of the topmost priority of every crypto investor or trader, especially if they are new to the crypto space.

The market is indeed associated with a lot of volatility, which makes it a risky business to buy or trade digital currencies, unless a secure platform is chosen.

Every cryptocurrency exchange in the market does not guarantee security of the users’ funds and information.

Whereas, there are some platforms that use leading-edge security features and systems such as KYC (know your customer) verification to make sure the window for fraudsters to operate is reduced or fully eliminated.

Therefore, you can identify the best exchange for crypto by taking a look at the security features that are used by each of your available options.

Customer Services

Customer support extended by a platform is yet another major and essential factor to consider. An active and responsive team of professionals that is available to assist the users around the clock can help beginners in resolving plenty of obstacles and challenges.

Therefore, while looking for a coin exchange that is good and suitable for you, make sure you do not overlook the quality of customer services each platform offers.


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Cryptocurrency exchanges that meet your criteria and meet your needs can be ranked as the best. But unless you know the key factors to keep in mind, how can you determine if it fits your needs? As a beginner, make sure you know the details that are mentioned above.