What will be The Future of Franchising Business in 2022?

Future of Franchising Business

Future of Franchising Business

In the past two years, the world has been witnessing a drastic effect of the covid pandemic that has engulfed the entire globe, franchising business being no exception.

With the unparalleled amount of challenges met in the year 2020 due to the massive spread of Covid-19, the business market and industry suffered a heavy decline in growth.

However, with the rollout of vaccines in the mid of 2021, it came like a ray of hope amidst the drowning darkness and complete shutdown of the business and market across numerous countries.

All these made challenges to hype up for the business owners and industrialists to meet with the complicated customer demands as the situation got better.

The interruption in the supply chain, low operability, delays in product shipment, etc hindered the steadiness the most.

However, franchise businesses have continuously grown rising above all challenges in their system in totality.

Many business corporations, companies, and industries have stated in their reviews that 2021 has witnessed increased sales despite the challenges.

Thereby, it can be presumed that 2022 will be a year for growth, recovery, and development. The International Franchise Association has predicted a growth of 10% in franchise development and employment with more than 26000 franchise location setup and employment of more than 8.3Millions of people into the franchise business. 

2021 was a year of numerous challenges that molded us for a better and improvised future of Franchise Business in 2022.

The most well-positioned sectors in the Franchise business have been:

  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Pharmacy
  • Home Furnishing & Decor
  • Digital Ed-Tech
  • Delivery & Courier services

Future of Franchising Business in India in 2022

India serves as the largest market for franchising business after the USA. With being home to more than 1.3 billion people across the world and the largest youth capacity, India is always the first choice for business expansion.

The market trends as per the previous year’s analysis(IGF) show that franchise businesses in India have a growth rate of 1.8% every year.

Hence, if the entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors show active involvement in the franchising business, a growth of 4-5% can be expected in the coming years which is quite remarkable.

India has a high tendency of skill sets that significantly contribute to enhancing and evolving the franchising business.

However, for growth to be steady and rising, multiple factors are to be kept acknowledged and should be included in the business models.

Factors that contribute to the better future of  Franchising Business in 2022

Almost every business sector is evolving with diverse technology and undergoing minor to major transformations in their market strategies and business models, despite the massive shifts across the globe ranging from climate change to political reforms to economic development.

Hence, getting your business acclimatized to all changes improves the chances of survival in the business market.

Here are a few factors that play a key part in making a better future of Franchising business in 2022:

  • Adaptability

The future of Franchising business lies in its ability to adapt to the changes in business and with modifying business market trends.

The franchise business model needs to be modified and refined accordingly depending on the requisites of the customer demand.

The faster the business adapts, the better and higher are its chances of evolving and rooting in the market.

The franchises and franchisees should strategically interact in their planning of expansion and lead out better business adaptability to the changing customer demand as well.

  • Resilient methodologies of Operation

The running of the business, in the long run, needs proper operation and function for the business to evolve.

How a business operates is the foundation base of any firm or business corporation. Sustainable and resilient methodologies and techniques into the business model strategies enhance the operability.

The location, working business models, and resources help the franchisees build up a resilient methodology of operation.

  • Originality and Authenticity

Customers believe in building relationships between the company brand and themselves and for this to happen, authenticity and originality of brand, goods, and services play a major role.

Authenticity includes features similar to those of humans such as reliability, flexibility, empathic, and credible resourcing.

Inclusion of all these features into the products and service can help establish a great interaction with customers and develop the trust a business desires hence gaining wide brand recognition.

  • Funding Sources

The company, corporation, and firms require strong funding sources to enable the proper functioning of their services and brands.

Numerous platforms have been designed to develop varying mechanisms that allow connections to build with the investor and donor.

There is also a change in funding mechanisms and sources with changing business methods. Business firms must ensure the sustainability of funding sources.

The franchisees must plan out a definite strategy for getting funding. Capital is a key in the franchising business to establish and evolve.

  • Supervision and Management 

Better supervision and management of firms and corporations can effectively maintain the operation and advancements needed to run a business in the long term.

Managing employers needs guided maintenance and supervision to boost the growth of the business. 

If there is the provision of better managerial skills, it would require not much time for establishing a stronghold in the changing and evolving market trends.

  • Technological Advancement 

With the growing digitization and evolution of media and the internet, there has been advanced technological up-gradation constantly.

Meeting with such changes is the prerequisite of establishing a stable business. All such factors enhance the susceptibility of the business amidst the ups and downs of market trends.

It would lead to enhanced profitability in building business relationships and linkages. Use of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, digital payment speed sales and automated digital marketing techniques can help raise greater returns and profits.

Future of Franchising Business in 2022 is based on the above factors such as adaptability, technological advancement, supervision, managerial skill set, stable funding sources, resilient operation methodologies, and adaptability to changing market trends.

The benefit of franchising business lies in the trust and relation between franchise and franchisees to meet the demands of the customer.

The new thriving technique in Franchise Business is Virtual assistance and understanding the business culture through this methodology.

All this contributes not only to creating a tremendous franchise business opportunity but also to the economic growth of the nation.

There are multiple business tools and technical skill approaches that have significantly developed with time that will be beneficial in enhancing the future of franchises.

Hence with weaving all discussed factors into the business models, the future of franchising business in 2022 can be well established.

Author Bio: Derrick Abraham Derrick J. Abraham is a business consultant in FranchiseBazar, who specializes in Franchise Business.

Along with the success of 5 years, I believe in updating my knowledge and look forward to new opportunities around me.

He has assisted several young entrepreneurs to start their dream businesses. Apart from this, Derrick enjoys Baseball and biking.

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