Whatfix Acquires Leap.is to Expand Mobile Capabilities


April 18, 2022: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India: Whatfix, the leading provider of digital engagement solutions and global leader in the digital adoption platforms (DAP) space, announced today that it has acquired Leap.is (previously Jiny.io), a leading mobile application development company.

This acquisition will help Whatfix to expand its capabilities in the mobile sphere and provide even better digital engagement solutions to its customers. The acquisition will expand the company’s platform by expanding Whatfix’s mobile capabilities.

Leap’s toolset will integrate seamlessly with existing Whatfix applications by adding guidance to mobile applications for activation and adoption, reducing time-to-ship for onboarding experiences, and enhancing customization of overall user experiences.

“The Leap.is team has a great track record in developing mobile applications that provide an excellent user experience,” said Whatfix CEO, Khadim Butti. “This acquisition will help us to expand our offerings in the mobile space and provide even better solutions to our customers.”

Khadim Butti, CEO and co-founder of Watfix, also said: “The shift to mobile is one of the most important business dynamics of recent years, especially in the expansion of remote work.”

“We look forward to bringing the Leap team to enhance our mobile capabilities and intensify our focus on this much-needed segment.”

The acquisition follows a very successful year for Whatfix, during which the company achieved 76% YoY revenue growth, 85% increase in new business revenue and 250% increase in revenue from existing business.

Other milestones include closing new partnerships and enterprise customers, gaining recognition from top analytics companies, and winning several industry awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

“Whatfix is ​​the industry’s leading digital adoption platform (DAP) and we are thrilled to partner with Whatfix to help expand its DAP leadership to mobile,” said Kusharg Sinha, CEO and co-founder, Leap.

“Our general goal has always been to accelerate the adoption of users of software products and Leap’s mobile offering is fully compatible with Whatfix’s browser and desktop offerings. Joining Waterfix seems like a natural progression in our journey.

“We are very excited to be joining forces with Whatfix,” said Leap.is CEO, Kusharg Sinha. “Whatfix is a leader in the digital engagement space, and we believe that together we can provide even better solutions to our customers.”

As part of the company’s ongoing product innovation, Whatfix also launched Whatfix Studio, a more intuitive and powerful revision of the current content editor.

The studio is built on a low-code platform, enabling content creators to take full advantage of their capabilities with little or no technical skills.

Easy-to-use UI enables creators to seamlessly design customized end-to-end travel for end users.

Waterfix Studio reduces content creation time, improves the quality of content and experiences, and helps improve user engagement on the applications on which it is deployed.

Whatfix is ​​also introducing a significant improvement in its desktop offerings. The aim is to make the application more scalable and stable, while also providing a foundation for strong new capabilities and to bring Whatfix’s desktop capabilities on par with the web experience.

With this update, Whatfix extends its DAP offering to all applications running on Windows 10 and offers out-of-the-box support for collaboration applications such as popular ERPs such as SAP ERP and Microsoft Teams.

In addition, Whatfix is ​​launching Whatfix Hub – a central platform for user support and connectivity. With the Whatfix Hub, the enterprise can guide their users across all web and desktop applications on which Whatfix is ​​enabled, right from the user’s desktop.

Customers can use the hub to enhance their employees’ onboarding experience and drive continuous connectivity through targeted communication right on the employee’s desktop.

About Whatfix

Whatfix is a leading provider of digital engagement solutions that help organizations improve their online presence and performance.

Whatfix’s platform enables organizations to create, manage, and optimize their digital content, providing a better user experience for their customers.

Whatfix empowers anyone, anywhere with everyday technology to achieve scalable success, gain more knowledge, expand capabilities and unlock productivity for themselves and their organizations.

Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) integrates seamlessly with applications to enable users, providing contextual information and guidance to increase individual capacity and increase productivity en masse.

The organization has six offices globally in the US, India, UK, Germany and Australia and works with Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Whatfix has raised 140 million USD to date, and is backed by marquee investors, including Sequoia Capital India, Softbank Vision Fund 2, and Cisco Investments.

About Leap.is

Leap.is is a leading mobile application development company that specializes in developing high-quality mobile applications.

Leap.is has a team of experienced developers who are committed to providing excellent user experiences for their customers.

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Together, Whatfix and Leap.is will be able to provide even better digital engagement solutions to their customers.