When Inflation Eats Your Money: A Salvation Recipe From Vladimir Okhotnikov

Analyzing the shortcomings of the centralized monetary system, with its inflation and uncontrolled emission, Vladimir Okhotnikov offers his options for investment. The information will be useful to those who are looking for an alternative to the dollar as a store of value and want to increase their funds.

Vladimir is a publicist, crypto enthusiast, and an active participant in the integration of business into metaverses. He is a longtime critic of central bank policies. Being a supporter of decentralization, the author is accustomed to distrust the traditional monetary system. His next article is devoted to this problem.

Vladimir Okhotnikov About Money Supply Growth, Inflation, Central Bank Cunning And The Role Of The Dollar

Take the receipt that was given to you today at the supermarket and compare it with last year. Prices have gone up a lot! Vladimir explains this fact by the monetary policy of central banks:

 “Yes, these guys print a lot of money, but it goes into the pockets of the rich, which only accelerates the demand for luxury goods – and therefore inflation.”

Printing new dollars gives the Fed breathing room by flooding the system with money. According to the author, it is the ordinary consumer who will lose more than others in this case.

Assessing the prospects for the dollar, Vladimir says that uncontrolled emission inevitably leads to the depreciation of money. What we are seeing today: according to only official American data, annual inflation in February 2022 was 7.9%, which was a record for the last four decades.

Where To Invest

Vladimir argues that a reasonable alternative to fiat money is precious metals. Unlike fiat, central banks cannot print them at the snap of a finger. In fact, when the dollar loses value, gold feels confident. This rule, unshakable since the abolition of the Bretton Woods system, is once again being confirmed.

We see how the “yellow metal” is gaining strength against the background of the recession and the impending debt crisis in the United States,” notes Vladimir Okhotnikov.

Another alternative is cryptocurrencies. The author relies on the authority of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who has repeatedly spoken of Bitcoin as a good means of risk diversification. In 2021, Musk even allowed US residents to pay for the purchase of electric cars with bitcoins.

Vladimir’s thesis about the attractiveness of investing in precious metals is questionable, but the author is confident in his words,

The stock market would have given you more profit over the last five years than gold. However, ahead of financial and geopolitical turbulence, the yellow metal looks like a smart way to hedge risks. And many experts write about it.”

It’s even harder to argue with Vladimir Okhotnikov when he talks about Bitcoin as a smart way to save your money from inflation. It is known that the amount of “digital gold” is strictly limited: it cannot be more than 21 million. This creates long-term deflation as supply is limited, thereby preserving value and encouraging investment.


The article reveals important aspects of the central banks’ activities that are shaping a unipolar world today in which the dollar dominates. The author clearly shows the risks and prospects that await each of us. Check out the original article by Vladimir Okhotnikov to gain a full understanding of the issues surrounding the value of fiat money.

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We strongly recommend that individuals conduct their own research and seek advice from qualified professionals before making any investment decisions.

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