When is Good Friday in 2023? Learn About Its Origins, Importance, And More

Good Friday

When Is Good Friday In 2023? Learn About Its Origins, Importance, And More

April 7, 2023: It is one of the most important days for the Christian world. Christians throughout the globe observe Good Friday every year.

Visitors and attendees of the Friday service frequent the church. Some people also mark the day of sadness and sorrow by fasting.

Contrary to popular belief, Good Friday is not a joyful event. Due to the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified on this day, it is remembered as a day of sadness.

Good Friday, sometimes referred to as Holy Friday and Black Friday, commemorates the day when Jesus Christ gave his life in order to atone for the sins of those who put their faith in him.

Here are a few things to know about Good Friday as we get ready to commemorate the day.


It is said that Friday was the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. Good Friday is celebrated as a result. Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter. Good Friday will be observed on April 7 this year.


It is thought that God loved the earth so much that he gave his own son’s life as a sacrifice to atone for all of humanity’s sins.

He gave his life as a sacrifice for the sins of those who followed Jesus Christ. People mark this day to commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice to save mankind from the spectre of their own sins.

This day is regarded as a day of grief and somberness. To express their sadness on the day of mourning, many abstain from eating.

Happy Good Friday is not a proper way to greet someone since it is a day of mourning for the Christian community.


The Roman officials beat assaulted and arrested Jesus Christ. In Calvary Mountains, he was later crucified.

There are several explanations for why it is named Good Friday; some think it relates to God, while others think it refers to the virtue of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. The beginning of the Easter weekend is Good Friday.

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