When Should You Build a Deck or Patio?


Deciding when to create a new composite decking or patio can be more difficult than you think. Because scheduling can have a significant impact on a multitude of elements ranging from project cost to project quality.

As a result, identifying the optimum time of year to construct a patio and the best time to build a deck will require some careful thought. But, in order to make an informed conclusion, what factors should you consider?

5 Reasons to Build Your Deck in the Fall or Winter

It’s not difficult to foresee a few advantages to building a deck during the summer months, which is why so many people start construction at that time of year.

However, the fact that so many people do it during peak season contributes significantly to why the optimum time to build a deck may be in the fall or winter months. However, this is dependent on the following factors:

Avoid the Rush

Planning and preparedness might be beneficial. The best deck and patio renovations are usually planned and scheduled several weeks, if not months, in advance. The process of obtaining permissions alone can take weeks, but substantial delays are unlikely during the off-season.

Aside from permits, installing a deck in the winter may make it easier to find materials. While typical deck framing lumber is a fundamental commodity in a lumberyard, supply chain difficulties can arise.

Furthermore, because there is a strong demand for contractors, hiring a skilled contractor will most likely require some planning and preparation. To begin, familiarize yourself with the types of questions you should ask a deck contractor.

Spend less money

Building a deck during the off-season offers significant cost savings. Some of this is due to supply and demand. Winter can be a sluggish season for contractors, therefore they may offer pre-season discounts. High-quality contractors, on the other hand, can be booked out for 6-9, or even 12+ months.

Because of the tremendous demand for their services, they do not need to cut their pricing. Seasonality can also affect the price of common and unusual building materials, with costs peaking during peak season. As a result, the most affordable time of year to build a deck is usually during the winter.

Reduce Landscaping Impact

If you spend time in the spring beautifying your lawn, the end of the season is probably the greatest time to build a deck. Even if your design does not include landscaping, any new construction project can come with its own set of issues and hazards. Waiting until your yard’s beauty isn’t a top priority can make a lot of sense.

You may also wish to include landscaping in the design of your composite deck or patio. Planting beds, flower pots, and other such items, for example, can improve the appearance and feel of your deck. Keeping this in mind, commencing your project in the fall or winter ensures that you’ll be ready for the upcoming season. Planting throughout the summer may be too late.

Take Advantage of Favorable Conditions for Deck Construction

While it may seem contradictory, the colder months frequently provide the finest conditions for deck construction. Most parts of the United States get more rain in the spring. The topsoil layer may become more saturated, and any clay subsoils may become simpler to dig as a result of the rainfall softening the clay.

Winter weather in many parts of the United States is mild. The weather in the South, Southeast, some sections of the Southwest, and much of the West Coast can be pleasant enough to allow deck builders to work on most days.

Other sections of the country, on the other hand, can experience extremely cold weather for months at a time. The only way to succeed in these areas is to get all of the deck’s fundamental parts in the ground before the ground freezes and snow begins to pile.

Seasonality benefits some materials more than others. When is the greatest time to build a wood deck, for example? In almost any weather, wood is simple to work with. If you opt to build in the winter, the most difficult challenge will be staining or finishing the deck.

Read the labels of any liquid products you intend to use on the wood carefully. Make certain that the temperature does not fall below the specified levels. If you look at deck stain labels and directions, you’ll probably find that the best temperature for applying most stains is between 50 and 90°F.

You will not have to wait long to enjoy your new deck

There is no hard and fast rule for how long it takes to create and finish a new deck. It all comes down to size and intricacy. It also depends on the deck builder’s skill level and the size of the crew. A competent deck-building business can frequently build a basic 12×16-foot rectangular deck in one week with a small set of stairs!

Larger, multi-level decks with numerous sets of steps, curves, and incorporated elements such as planter boxes or sitting chairs could take up to a month to finish.

If you begin construction in the middle to late summer, you may have to wait until the next season to fully utilize and appreciate your new deck. A deck built in the fall or winter, on the other hand, means you’ll have a complete outdoor living season ahead of you.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy a deck in the winter. There are several ways to enjoy your deck in the winter. Lighting, seats, enclosures, heating elements, and other easy modifications can help you extend your outdoor living season and enjoy your outside space for longer.

However, most of them involve some preparation, which is why it’s important to evaluate all of your alternatives for winter deck ideas.

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